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Sim Design Home Craft: Fashion Games for Girls

Download Sim Design Home Craft: Fashion Games for Girls apk for free.

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Sim Design Home Craft: Fashion Games for Girls

Decorate and design a dream sim house! Interior design of a doll house or a real dream home! Teenage girls & boys craft with furniture & decoration! Fashion, design and creativity! Extreme makeover! Design girly room or a real man’s room. Fashion, interior design and creativity! Home decoration game for teenage boys and girls! Use imagination and decorate a sim house! Glam doll house craft - the new way! Exploration of the sandbox pocket edition world! Create, craft and be a fashionista! A glam doll house clean up and decoration! A sweet teenage girls room decorated with funny cute kittens and strawberries as wallpaper. Ultra awesome pink and colorful furniture. Become an interior designer starting with a “Sim Design Home Craft: Fashion”. You can build a shopping mall, spa or pet shop! Princess girl house or Nail salon - a building game for girls! Craft & exploration. Design your own house! Interior planner - game! Be like Sim! Simulate a house of your dreams! Garden with flowers! Building and crafting for teenage girls and boys! Show your kittens, puppies or unicorns how you love them! Build a 5 star hotel, restaurant or a sweet girl daycare room. Crafting game for teenage girls and boys for free! Build your City island sim,craft & explore! Girls craft way! Play “Sim Design Home Craft: Fashion” - planner app. Feel like a pro interior designer! Be a top model girl and create your own fashion show! Invite your boyfriend or girlfriend to your own dream house. Furniture for a living room, kitchen and toilet! Simulate a house of your dream in a 3D view, from the first person perspective! Design a garden with trees and flowers! Cute girls craft design & exploration! Play with pets in a pet shop! Great game for teens! Start creating like a sim. City, village - anything! Create a restaurant and design the interior. Build a fashion house or a wedding house! Build and design a spa salon! New style of Building games! Building & crafting games in block craft style! Free city building game using blocks. Build your own house! Exploration and crafting. Story mode of a pocket edition crafting game! Good game for teenagers and adults!

3D interior models
Exterior and interior design - gardens, pools, flowers, parks
House planner mode (kitchen, living room, baby room)
Cute pink and colorful textures
Coloring book and sketch book
Sandbox world
Custom wallpapers, carpets and furniture

Multiplayer Exploration Mode
Blocky Craft 3D Mode
VR (Virtual reality)
Adventure mode
Pixel texture pack
Girls Craft Mode
Princess Craft extension pack (Cute Castle Interior Design)
Build Craft Exploration extension pack (custom houses + extra furniture)

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Sim Design Home Craft: Fashion Games for Girls from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Sim Design Home Craft: Fashion Games for Girls is 1.5-minApi19. You need to have Android 19 and above to install the apk. Sim Design Home Craft: Fashion Games for Girls made by Crafting And Building Games For Girls Adventure very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Dr. Carrie Smith

Hey. Im a 14 yo that has played the game and I can tell it was aimed at younger viewers, but it was kinda okay. Also I like messing with the chatbots and basically screwing with the people that made this. And also it would be great if I could play the game for more than 2 seconds without either getting kicked off or getting 10 advertisements stuck on my screen... to sum it all up, BIG oof. Like, real big. ʘ‿ʘ

Prof. Lucinda Bailey

I LOVE THIS APP They have the best furniture they have pets and i unlocked all the clothes and to get rid off the adds you just have to watch 8 ads it was so easy you can adopt pets i have a pet shes a unicorn u and she can fly its the BEST 😄. so please download this APPPPP.

Stanford Lemke

The game itself is fine and seems to be for kids but very inappropriate ads have been popping up with naked video of women in them please get rid of them or i will be forced to delete this game.

Mr. Brendan Cassin DVM

Its sooo cool you have to install this app!!! Very cool because it has a helicopter very awesome because tbh you get to ride it!! thank you for making this app! your fan, ♡♡♡Ellie♡♡♡

Prof. Coty Toy

This game is very dumb I do not like it the controls are so hard that they get me very frustrated this made me very heartbroken and I never want to see this game again

Arne Eichmann III

i started playing this game when i was 7 years old now im 12 years old i have been playing this game for 5 years then my mom said she wanna delete it and im like mom hold up before you delete this let me delete one of my game and she like ok😔 hehe

Horace Brown

It is a great game I love the textures and the furniture but there are way to many ads for example when I want to get somthing I have to watch an ad and when I get out I have to watch another ad to get into it again but all and all I like this game I just have one request get rid of the ads and that is why I gave it two stares.

Mr. Moises McDermott PhD

its so cool!!!!!!!! (\u0026)(:()()()\u003d)#)(:(7(8);):):(:(:(:(:(7(:(:);)+\":\"): go osu Uzbek

Ms. Mabelle Runolfsdottir

It's a good game but it has its flaws like it glitches a lot but it's a grate game because it doesn't cost any money at all not even to remove adds

Vincent Carroll

Sooo fun, I was never allowed stop get minecraft, so this is a great substitute.

  • Author
    Crafting And Building Games For Girls Adventure
  • Publish date
    Sep. 02, 2019
  • Latest version
  • Requirements
    Android 19 and above
  • File Size
    Varies with device
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