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Simple Alarm Clock Free

Simple Alarm is a free alarm clock application designed to create, edit and remove alarms in the easiest way. You can use Simple Alarm to wake up in the morning or to setup reminders for your tasks during the day.

Simple Alarm's main advantage is that you can type in the time for an alarm directly instead of using a selector, pressing arrows or moving through a large list of numbers. You can just press the buttons for the hours and minutes of your new alarm directly in a numeric keyboard on screen, and that's it! You can also edit or remove alarms with just one touch, saving a lot of time when you need to setup your alarms.

Unlike other alarm clocks for Android, Simple Alarm sorts your alarms in the order they will sound next, so you can easily identify which are the tasks you have to do next, if you are using Simple Alarm as a "To Do" tasks list.

If you use Simple Alarm to wake you up, you will be able to wake up gently from your dreams, in a peaceful and progressive way, because Simple Alarm increases alarm volume slowly instead of starting at maximum volume. This way, you can avoid being startled with a strong sound while you are in a deep sleep.

In addition, to keep you from de-activating the alarm and keep sleeping, Simple Alarm has a 3-button deactivation method (optional), so you will need to be really awake to do so. If you want to keep sleeping for a while, you can pause the alarm by pressing just one big Snooze button. As everyone has his/her own preferences and needs, Simple Alarm lets you customize alarm's sound (selecting any ringtone, sound or song in your phone) and pause duration between alarms.

If you want to wake up at the same time every day, on labor days, weekends or just a few days a week, you can easily select which days when creating the alarm, and the alarm clock will go off on that selected days every week.

For all the reasons above, Simple Alarm is the best alarm clock in the market, and it is much better than Android's default alarm clocks.

Simple Alarm Features:
● Fastest setup method.
● Alarm enabling/disabling with one touch.
● Set a message for each alarm.
● AM/PM or 24 hours format
● Alarms sorted in the order they will ring.
● Repeat alarms every week on certain days.
● Select the alarm sound you want from all your phone's ringtones, songs and sounds.
● Customize Snooze duration.
● 3 buttons alarm de-activation to avoid turning alarm off and continue sleeping (optional).
● 1 button alarm Snooze.
● Wake up gently while volume and vibration increases slowly.
● Available in English, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, German, Korean, Arab, Hindi, Chinese and Indonesian.
● Special design for tablets and big cellphones
● It's free!

Download "Simple Alarm Pro" to remove all advertisement from the application:

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Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Simple Alarm Clock Free from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Simple Alarm Clock Free is 1.0.0. You need to have Android 10 and above to install the apk. Simple Alarm Clock Free made by Moula very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Savanna Hettinger

I would like to see two settings added: 1. A limit to how long the alarm rings before it automatically shuts down. Right now it appears the alarm will keep snooze ringing or keep ringing for ever if the person is not around to shut it off. The limit could be 15 min, a hour, two hours or whatever. 2. I often want to shut the alarm off without having to wait till it rings again. A person would have to open the app and find one button to stop the alarm.

Salvador Greenholt

Been loving this very simple alarm that does what it says on the tin. Just wish the last update hadn't changed my alarm sound. Not good as I could not figure out why I was sleeping through my alarms. If that's going to be how updates work I might need to look for an alternative that doesn't select a random string with zero audio as my alarm every time it updates.

Prof. Danny Dare

It's the ONLY alarm app that actually wakes me up and, believe me, I've tried many of the other apps but the rest have such soft little chimes that I sleep right through them!!!!. Plus I needed an alarm that I could also utilize during my awake hours for reminders...once again, the soft chime did NOT get my attention even when I was already awake!!!

Isabella Waelchi

I had no problems for months until I changed time zones. I set the alarm for Monday 5:30AM on Saturday in Colorado. Traveled back to Virginia. Monday morning the alarm went off at 7:30AM. The alarm showed 5:30AM. The only explanation is that it was 5:30AM in Colorado - where the alarm was set. I will still use this app, I will just reset the alarm when changing time zones.

Mitchell Senger

Unreliable with limited usefulness. Rings the NEXT day (after 24 hours have passed). NOT the next time the clock reaches that time. For example, I go to bed at 1am and need to get up at 7am. I set the alarm for 7am. It doesn't ring. I over sleep and miss the crucial appointment. Instead, it rings uselessly a day later. I experienced this problem several times. There is no way around it. Not recommended

Abel Lehner

Easy to use; alarms are clearly listed on my phone screen. One of my alarms has to be set at 30 hours. Simple Alarm tells me the alarm will be in 1 day, 6 hours. My old alarm app used to do that, but after a recent update, it now just told me the time and day, i.e. a Tuesday alarm set at 4 am for 30 hours would say the alarm would go off on Wednesday at 10 am instead of 'alarm will go off in 1 day 6 hours'.

Rosendo Marquardt III

Love this alarm. Very easy to use. Have got the alarm set to one of the easy tunes that starts off quietly and gets louder. Have had about a month and hasn't failed me yet. Also have got it set to hit 3 different little \"Off \" boxes before it is actually off. I did buy this app, so not sure of choices if you have not paid for it.

Sienna Blanda

So easy to use! Very easy to set the time, day and ringtone. It hasn't let me down yet! It does have ads,, but, they don't overwhelm you. If you just need a simple alarm without the weather, ads or the fancy display, this app is for you! Update: Still my go to app for just a simple alarm clock to wake me up. I still recommend.

Annette Mueller

This app was working fine for me for a few months and then it suddenly just broke. It wasn't a noticeable break though. It broke in such a way that the alarms I have set don't go off when they're supposed to. Instead, they are suddenly going off late at night when I am sleeping. I am now thinking about looking for a new app if I can find one as this app has started to cause trouble for me. I need my rest when I can get it. I can't just wake up at random in the middle of the night like that!

Domenic Bruen

A great, simple little app. Does exactly what we need an alarm reminder to do. No fuss or frills, good and solid. No improvements required ever!. It should be left as it is. It will still be exactly what we need in 100 years time.