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Sitter: Manage Your Sitters

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Sitter: Manage Your Sitters

As featured in Mashable, the #1 app for managing your babysitters just got even better. Book and pay your own babysitters instantly, then find new babysitters through friends or in your neighborhood, hassle-free. Want to always get a sitter when you need one? The secret is to build a team of sitters you trust. Sitter makes it ridiculously easy.

Created by parents, Sitter takes all the hassle and annoyances out of using and finding babysitters. With the tap of a button, you can book your favorite sitters, manage the info they need from emergency contacts to bedtime routines, and pay them!

“Must-have app for every parent!” ~Colorado Parent Magazine


1. Import your sitters' phone numbers from your contact list. It’s completely private! We don’t share their info or spam them.
2. Select a date and time.
3. Tap "Send".

That's it!

Sitter sends a message to your sitters with the details. They reply with a “Y” or “N” to accept or decline. The first one to accept gets the job! They don’t even need the app!

At the end of the night, confirm the amount and tap "Pay". You’re done!


When you need to hire a new babysitter, the best way to find them is through friends. Connect with friends to create a private network of parents and trusted sitters, so you can find new sitters quickly, based on your friends' recommendations.

New to an area? Find sitters in your neighborhood too!


• Use it with sitters you already know and love from Grandma to the neighborhood teen - they don’t need the app!
• Sitters you use have info they need such as emergency contacts, allergies, and bedtime routines at their fingertips.
• Send a request to all your babysitters or just your favorites.
• Manage your nanny’s schedule with repeat bookings.
• Add notes to a booking so your sitter knows exactly when to take Johnny to soccer.
• Pay your babysitter securely using any major credit card - they get a direct deposit.
• In-app timer keeps track of time and calculates how much you owe.
• Get names of new sitters from friends in the app. No more remembering where you scribbled that sitter's name.
• Hide a sitter so you don’t have to share Grandma with friends.


• Keep track of all your babysitting gigs and quickly pull up directions to their house.
• Don’t worry about remembering everything - emergency contacts, allergies, and bedtime routines are at your fingertips.
• Get more babysitting jobs through people you know and trust.
• Want to find families in your neighborhood? You can! And you can feel safer knowing your profile is only discoverable by families in your neighborhood who have complete profiles. It’s never public.
• Get paid by credit card. The money gets deposited directly to your account. Ka-Ching!
• Keep track of your families’ names and contact info.
• Receive instant notifications, reminders, and messages from parents.
• Long night? Easily keep tabs on how much time you have left until the parents come home.

Whether you’re going out for a night on the town, or just need to get stuff done, kid-free, Sitter has your back. Sitter helps babysitters find jobs and is the best babysitter app for parents looking to hire, book, or pay a babysitter. Ditch the excuses. If you’ve got Sitter, you’ve got a babysitter waiting. It’s time to go out.


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Editor's Note

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Anderson Lynch

This doesnt make sense. I download the app to find jobs, but can't because I'm not 18; however- I can still use the app for the families I do sit for, but have none because I can't be discoverable. What's the point then?

Hellen Durgan

It won't let me find families in my location it keeps saying I must be 18 years old I wish Sitter would change this it's not working I can't get contacted for babysitting jobs please fix

Jonathan Williamson

I completed the first part of my profile, got to the search for sitters in your areacm and then couldn't even complete my profile

Dr. Abner Kertzmann

its so dumb you have to pay to talk to people like really?

Giuseppe Effertz

Hi my name is Danielle and I am looking for someone to babysit and earn money and I am only 13 year old and I was wondering if this app was for 13 years old?

Reta Renner

Payed for the premium app and still was unable to message a sitter totally ripe off

Mrs. Ava Ratke V

I'm can't even set up my profile

Armani Kuhlman DDS

Help! I am writing a review in hopes of getting in touch with someone. I \ntried to send an email but there is a problem with your server and I can \nnot. I am in the process of setting up my account and need some help. I \naccidentally entered the wrong year for my birthday. I am at the part where \nyou are asking for my financial info. I can not add the info as the app \ndoes not think I am an adult. How do I fix this? Is this something you have \nto do on your end. If so, please change the year to 1973. If it is not \nplease advise on how I can do it. Thank you.

Jillian Quitzon Jr.

This app let me login gave my address and everything my number and 5 minute \nafter they said I was too young and wouldn't even let me log out worst and \ncreepiest app

Elinore Heller

Does not allow to complete profile to boom appointments.. Stuck on adding \nphoto.. throws error while uploading..