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Sketch a Day: Daily challenges to learn and share

Download Sketch a Day: Daily challenges to learn and share apk for free.

Sketch a Day: Daily challenges to learn and share apk icon

Sketch a Day: Daily challenges to learn and share

Get daily inspiration and get your creativity flowing with Sketch a Day!

The idea is simple: every day, we set a new subject for everyone to draw. You do your sketch or drawing, take a photo, and upload it for that day for everyone to see.

Submit as many as you like, and see your progress over time.

Lots of people are using Sketch a Day as a great way to start a positive habit. I have had many messages of support about the effect it has had on people's mental health, wellness and mindfulness. Sketching is a great habit to get into, even if like so many people, you think you "can't draw". It's a very peaceful, quiet and creative pastime, and receiving the help and support of others is a great way to feel good about yourself.

Sketch a Day is a wonderful, positive community with people from all over the world coming together to draw a common theme.

** Sketch a Day is growing fast **
There are over 12,000 artists in the community now. It's just growing faster and faster all the time!

If you want to learn, want to get back into drawing, or just want a quick practice or warm-up, then Sketch a Day could be perfect for you. For beginners, we have tips and tutorials each day. For the experts, you can post your images and show your skills to the world.

So...go sharpen your pencils!


Did you know?

• By drawing each day and getting likes, you can build your own private gallery of famous masterpieces.
• You can comment on people's sketches so you can ask how they did it, ask for tips, give them some kudos or just be silly!
• You can also add your Instagram account name so people can follow you on Instagram quickly and easily.
• When you've done a drawing, you can share it on Facebook straight from the app.

We have had some really creative drawings in our first few months. We've had pencils, watercolours, digital drawing, pen and ink, acrylics. We've had kids, adults, beginners, improvers and experts!


I would like to use this space to say thank you to all the people who have messaged me to tell me how Sketch a Day has made their lives better. Drawing every day really seems to have a huge positive effect on people's lives.

Editor's Note

Well known Sketch a Day: Daily challenges to learn and share is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Sketch a Day: Daily challenges to learn and share developed and announced by Tom Hicks. Current version of the apk file is 1.8.3 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on May 5, 2019. Also Sketch a Day: Daily challenges to learn and share is very famous in Art & Design category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Sketch a Day: Daily challenges to learn and share if your device android version is Android 21 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Mrs. Ashtyn Fritsch

Love this app, it has such a friendly comunity feel to it! however I think it would benefit from having a more in depth profile. it would be great to have an option to follow an artist and see how many followers each individual has. a message system and also the option to edit or delete your own comments made to other people. I love the reward system and the streak idea as well. we should also be able to search for specific users so if we have friends on the app we can easily find them.

Laura Stroman PhD

It's a fun challenge for artists who would like to expand their horizons and look for new ideas. The theme for each day is different, and as you draw, the app rewards you with a paint gallery where you can unlock different paintings and expand your knowledge bank of historic artworks. It's also fun to see the artworks of others too.

Dr. Urban Carter

I used to draw all the time, but lately any time I sit down with my sketch book I have trouble thinking of what to draw. Since I downloaded this app I've been feeling much more inspired. It's great to see the different styles and interpretations others have created. I have already told several friends about it, and plan to tell more.

Dr. Sabrina Bayer

wonderful app to stimulate my creativity. Simple and innovative. An avenue for knowledge and discovery of different art styles. Engaging and calming at the same time, and allows me to appreciate how others express themselves through their sketches. Two thumbs up!

Prof. Saige Windler

I really love this app. Seeing the different perspectives of the word of the day being drawn is pretty cool. It keeps me drawing at least once every day to keep my streak up, gives me the motivation to anyway haha

Dr. Buck Bergnaum

i love this, it's very easy to use. I thought it would be a digital drawing app and you could post it, it isnt. But i love it either way!! its a very good app.

Shyann Bailey

I enjoy the community and the great homemade drawings! everyone is a family in this app, and I enjoy everyone's optimism But it does constantly hang when i type a comment or reply. ?

David Reichert I

Five stars, love the prompt and simplicity. Would not want a messaging system other than commenting in public, so that's good. It keeps bullying from happening. Great moderators that keep that in check. My only complaint is the cropping feature. But I can live with the app how it is. I love it! Keeps me creative and inspired by other artists. I love being able to see other art besides my own and that art sparking more creativity in me. I've really grown in my artistic prowess!

Dr. Marlene Kub

The only problem for me is that i cant get the editor to zoom out so u can see more of the picture it just snaps back to default sizing and so much of the picture is lost.

Prof. Maddison King

i love it, but a couple of the people who commonly get top picture can be really rude? im new to the app and my 3rd picture was top picture for a few hours and i got swamped with comments from two or three people saying that it wasnt possible for me to get so many likes and that it was \"a joke\" and i should delete the picture and reupload it. i didnt delete it but it was still mildly upsetting that they were trying to claim i cheated somehow like my art wasnt nice enough to just get likes.