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Sleep Sounds Free - Relax Music, White Noise

Download Sleep Sounds Free - Relax Music, White Noise apk for free.

Sleep Sounds Free - Relax Music, White Noise apk icon

Sleep Sounds Free - Relax Music, White Noise

Suffer from insomnia? Want to relieve stress and anxiety?

Relax and sleep with 30+ sleep sounds scientifically proven to help take control of your sleep and relieve stress, insomnia, tinnitus. Use nature sounds, white noise, relax melodies and soothing sounds to create your own mixes. Gain a high-quality sleep you never had!

Why Sounds Help Sleep
Studies have shown that even when you’re asleep, you still perceive sounds in your brain. Therefore, disturbing sounds such as car horns may wake you up. Sleep Sounds Free quiets your brain and drowns out unwanted noises. It doesn't just help you fall asleep, it also helps you stay asleep.

Sleep Sounds Free Can Help You
- Relieve insomnia and fall asleep easily
- Relax and relieve stress and anxiety
- Block disruptive sounds, get an uninterrupted sleep
- Drown out snoring
- Take a quick nap
- Pacify your crying baby
- Add sounds to your meditation
- Relieve tinnitus
- Concentrate

Free Relaxing Sounds for Sleeping
30+ relaxing sounds, meditation music and ambient sleep sounds for you to customize your own soundscapes:

- Nature sounds (Bird, Cave, Fire, Wind, Snow, River, etc)
- Water sounds (Rain sounds, Storm, Waves, etc)
- White noise for baby sleep

Amazing Features
- Customize bedtime reminder to remind you to go to bed
- Schedule sleep timer to automatically stop the sound
- Play the sound in the background
- Adjust the volume for each sound when creating your own mix
- High quality and clear relaxing sound for sleeping
- Create your own mixes to relax and sleep
- It’s perfect for meditation
- No network required
- Relax and sleep
- Sleep Sounds Free

Sleep Music Free
Looking for sleep music free? No satisfied sleep music free? Try the best sleep music app to regain control of your sleep!

Nature Sounds to Sleep
Looking for nature sounds to sleep to sleep better? Nature sounds to sleep to not only help you sleep, but also help you relax and meditate.

Editor's Note

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Alvah Bradtke

I always needed to use a fan since I could never fall asleep without white noise. I would think way to much and long into the night. When I found this site I at first was put off by the ads yet they were short and also I ordered a few things that I truly love for my skin. I needed something else besides my fan and they have a huge range of sounds that relaxed my mind and I fell right asleep after only 5 minutes. I recommend this app to all who have insomnia/restless leg syndrome or Fibromyalgia!

Laurie Runte

It's ok I guess. All the interesting things you have have to be paid for. You advertise free and when you get into the app then you have to pay. I guess after I delete the app I will just record my own sounds from my smart phone. I didn't see any apps, because I would not pay. Thanks for the experience. ??and ??.

Jaqueline Reichert

Really good app to help you sleep. tons of different sounds. you can customize with what certain sounds you want to make it realalistic. love this app use it every night to help me sleep. it like I am a baby all over again. I highly recommend it to people who have troubles to fall asleep.

Westley Bins

I never leave reviews....but THIS is the exception! I'm totally l♡ving the app. There are many features for you to customize your own 'music?sounds' as well as a ton of prerecorded tracks. Definitely an app to download and enjoy. If you're like me and open the app at better believe you'll be having sweet?dreams in no time, all of the time; no more counting?sheep my friends! You can also listen to the ambience while doing multiple things on other screens. L♡VE THIS APP!

Naomie Zemlak

17 nieces and nephews all in one house. I needed something quick to drown out all the playful noise for a good night sleep. This helped tremendously. With a restful sleep I was the fun Auntie in the morning. Easy to use, great sounds, and great edit options.

Jeramy Von

so far, I am truly enjoying this app. I love that you can adjust the type of sounds and even add sounds to what you are listening to. I don't like that when i hit pause, the sound stops but the timer continues. that's the only downside I've seen so far

Kirsten Willms

It's so calm and I can make my own sounds, satisfying, and for people that complain, is something goes wrong, it's because of the devoce/mobile, it may be the storage, great app!

Tad Padberg DDS

I loved this app. It sounds so real, like it was actually happing I fell asleep so relaxed \u0026 fast I couldn't believe I slept through the whole a very, very long time. Thank you so much for all the work that went into creating this application! It works!! Sincerely, Dianah

Luciano Davis

I downloaded it for me but I rarely use it, I tried it on my neice with the baby box tone and it actual works. With them both fighting their sleeps I got one down in 9 minutes the other in 10. I love the app it works wonders ?

Lee Friesen

I've never in my life signed up for an app i had to pay for. but i just started my free trial because it was just to good to not get the full use of it. and its only $10 A YEAR. ILL PAY THAT FOR NO INTERRUPTIONS