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Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder

Download Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder apk for free.

Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder apk icon

Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder

Free and easy to use audio recorder for Android. It has been specifically designed for high-quality and long-time recording with a clean and simple user interface.

With a skipping silence on-the-fly feature you can shorten recordings by omitting relative silence. It allows you, for example, to catch night sleep talks or maybe some snoring, whatever comes first. 😴 It is by the way how the idea to make this app was born: my wife wanted to prove that I talk at night. It turns out, I do. 🤔

Since 2012 this app has been installed on more than 40 million devices worldwide and proven to be a reliable everyday tool. From it's early days it has been known as Smart Voice Recorder, rebranded later to a bit more generic name. Because, you know, it's great not only for voice. 🎸

Following are the great examples of how Smart Recorder can be useful for you, as noted by our wonderful users: 🥰

"I use this app frequently to record brief notes to myself for my research. It is easy to use and reliable."

"As a college student, this has been awesome! Record the whole lecture and take notes later!"

"Great app! Easy to use, record and playback as well as options to upload recordings to SoundCloud or share files…"

"Very useful to monitor our dog, how much he barks when he is alone at home…"

"…Used it in the office for presentation prep and personal speeches."

"Love the 'skip silence' feature, it is very useful for checking sleep talk."

"Great for my quick song ideas."

"For a person who has hearing problems like me, this is a perfect app. Thank you!"

"…Even with my phone in my pocket recording a lecture, the audio is clear."

"Very good quick recording app for my acoustic guitar ideas!"

And a bonus one:
"Very good for ghost haunting…" 👻

Regarding phone calls: 📲
This app is not designed explicitly for recording phone calls. Some manufacturers block the ability to record the other party of a phone call for privacy or legal reasons. For the same purpose, the app will even pause recording during phone calls, but it can be turned off in the settings. Check your local laws and make sure it works on your handset first.

More features:
• Automatic and manual sensitivity control for Skip silence mode (Beta)
• Live audio spectrum analyzer
• Wave/PCM encoding with adjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz)
• Recording in the background (even when a display is off)
• Save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control
• Efficient and easy on battery
• Recording time limited only by available space on your storage (and tech. limit 2GB per file)
• Straightforward recordings list and many sharing options
• Launcher shortcut to start recording in one tap
• Microphone gain calibration tool.

Editor's Note

The apk file of Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder is really hard to find nowadays. But our website always here to help you to make your job done. Our experienced team has prepared the apk file for you to download and install with just a few clicks. You can always find the latest @7F0700AE version from our website and that update has announced on Sep 27, 2019. Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder is a very good application but does not work with if your device is outdated. If your device is Android 9 and above you can download it for free and at a very high download speed service. Otherwise you might want to update your device or get a new one to use Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder After you finished your installation you can also check our other applications those we provide and download them for free as well.

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Mrs. Eloisa McDermott

I've been using this app for about half year but a recent (in recent month) update changes all the file names of the recorded audio file to replace all non alphanumerical characters as underscore... For example, I renamed the recording as \"Song pt.1 - 20191010\" but the actual file name became \"Song_pt1__20191010.wav\". This mismatches with the file name of those previous recordings before the update that I already uploaded to my online storage, and has caused problem in sorting.

Bulah Gerhold Jr.

Downloaded today... I've always carried my Sony recorder but am always looking for it in my purse and I need cords and computer to upload to cloud storage or share. Inconvenient. Chose this one and love it!! VERY easy, sound quality is outstanding IMO. Notice no sharing with Hangouts, but worked great with Dropbox, emails. I'm keeping it!! BTW, ads are hardly noticable at all.

Mrs. Tiffany Nader

Effective at picking up sounds; though not the best at ignoring background noise, it's good at recording what's there in that it clearly picks up soft sounds (works for lectures, singing) and even works for recording something that's already recorded. Compact app, works just as well offline. Also the black backdrop of the app is nice because it's less to focus on when recording, and is efficient when in a dark area. Few and obvious controls make it effective even when I can't focus on the app.

Miss Elody Jones V

I recorded, open air, an original song, to capture the song while it was playing. The quality of the recordings astonished me, from only holding my phone in the air, near the speakers. It was as if I transferred the song through a direct export. Amazing quality.

Velva Cronin

A couple recordings are peaking or really quiet because the auto gain feature...but just check it once before recording.(which you should be doing anyway if the audio is important) and it's good... other than that five stars... But I still gives it five stars ...cuz f******come on ,bruh?!

Miss Octavia Gorczany PhD

My phones recorder wouldn't do split window to be able to play back and record a baby deer saying ma ma on FB, I wanted to be able to use the sound of the fawn as a notification sound and it worked! I was able to do split screen with FB and the recorder and recorded it, I then went into my phones audio notification settings and it was there and is now my text notification👍👍

Mr. Kelvin Fay Sr.

Been using this for a long time , its always worked flawlessly for my purposes so right after this review im finally gonna pony up and pay for it to help the Dev. Thanks for a nice clean working app . Only reason 4 star rating is that it could really use the ability to jump back X number of seconds incase you miss something on playback

Magnus Gusikowski

Ads are low no issues .Taken 2days only to get recordings spot on suit surrounding and tones .Got very good quality recordings by clicking on in menu went for the highest .Then tried 16mhz need to ticker with phone volume settings all good .Date ,time ad on perfect ,last 4recordings has no dates only says Yesterday and today I'm happy with Smart Voice and purchased app before onto another device no real issues .I find that leaving to long in fiiles ,found the noise level recordings loose quality

Kasandra McCullough

This app has been working out really well for me so far! I can record with no problem and It's really easy to use! If you are new to voice acting or whatever you're doing with a recorder, this is the one you want!

Dr. Bernadine Crist

I set it up in a back room, leaving it on all night, to catch, odd occurances. Its very sensitive. Picks up very quiet sounds/movements. My only wishis that it could timestamp when it turns on. After 14 hours in a dark, quiet, spooky room, I got 34 minutes of sound...just no idea when.