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Smashed - Platformer slasher apk

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Smashed - Platformer slasher

All you wanted was to just get enough sleep at least once this week, but it was not the day when everything had to go according to plan. Early morning, you're not even going to throw off the blanket, but everything goes wrong, everything around you makes you say goodbye to a sweet dream and gets angry at everyone around you. And it looks like you are not going to leave it this way, everyone will feel all your anger on himself and just in this case a heavy hammer has dusted under your bed. Go ahead to the adventures, fight those who have robbed you of a sweet dream, the main thing is not to breathe out until you finish the job!

Fascinating and dynamic 2D action platformer slasher, battles, hidden secrets and scattering enemies. Destroy all enemies to one and find the secrets in each level! And all this with a cheerful music and a positive atmosphere. And also we made a very cool control setting, you can adjust the control for any fingers of revenge.

In our platformer there are:

- conveniently customizable controls
- cool visual effects
- the shadows in which you can hide
- hidden areas with secrets
- interaction with objects
- different ability enhancers
- and of course funny music

Sure you can collect all three stars in each level?

Editor's Note

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