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This is the first Ghost/Spirit Box App that does NOT play the same audio files over and over from prerecorded "banks". Most of these "Ghost Box" apps are full of "banks" of audio that have full word replies, usually taken from audio sources that mention things relating to the afterlife. Other Ghost Box apps scan internet radio stations, that are talking about the paranormal! Some of the apps are literally playing the same 30 minutes of audio over and over on a loop. Spirit Speak leaves out all of that nonsense! No one wants fake replies.

I was personally sick of seeing all of these apps on the market, some for a ridiculous amount of money, that were giving the users fake responses and making them think they were actually talking to spirits.

Spirit Speak is the first Ghost Box app of its kind. There are NO prerecorded sentences, words, phrases, etc. The source of the audio is simply letters that were recorded by the developer and is all in the exact same voice. This solves the issue of false responses, that many of the other apps suffer from.

This app scans at a variable rate, from 6.7 letters a second, to 13.3 letters a second. This app scans so fast, that most people will be unable to hear responses in real time. I recommend recording the audio of your session and then listening very closely over and over to hear the responses.

If you hear responses in different voices, you will know it is 100% a spirit reply, since every letter was spoken by the same person in the same voice.

NO ONE has the ability to program prerecorded responses into this app, not even the developer!

While there might not be as many replies coming through this app as other ones, you will get to know that these replies are 100% authentic and are actually the voices of spirits.

Please use this app at your own risk. The developer is NOT responsible for anything paranormal that happens to any user, because of the app.


*This app does not guarantee that you will communicate with spirits, angels, or any other entities. Everyone will have different experiences.*

If you have any questions about the app or if you have suggestions for languages you'd like to see the app translated to, please send an email to me at the email provided below. I'd also love to see the responses that you have captured!

Editor's Note

Well known Spirit Speak is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Spirit Speak developed and announced by ContactingTheDead. Current version of the apk file is 1.11 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Sept. 29, 2018. Also Spirit Speak is very famous in Lifestyle category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Spirit Speak if your device android version is Android 16 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Yasmine Ernser

So I was just testing it because I am going to a haunted place tonight and I was trying to fine a app I came across this one and I downloaded it and I started a session to make sure it wasn't fake and it started talking right away and I know my house ain't haunted so yea I'm not going to say this is fake until I test it when I leave tonight but ya just warning y'all

Guillermo Mills

I'm pretty sure this is real. I had to delete it later on because the lights on my phone started flashing and weird noise came out as if mumbling. I deleted the app emmidiatly and the noise stopped. The weird part is that by my house there were lots of mudering and killing but it worked fine at my friends house. It's definetly not dangerous but just fun I really recommend it!

Susan Grant

frustrating for both sides.. so far, the spirits normally visiting don't know what to do and neither do I. when I finish recording and listen to it, does it need to be slowed down in order to hear responses? so far, it plays back what's been recorded. Someone is definitely here, I tried another app I normally use and they interacted. But none of us has a clue what to do with this and how. Interesting and intriguing though!

Henry Waters

my friend and I used this app and ended up contacting her late boyfriend and he was telling her to sleep. lately she's been having complications sleeping because of a fear of something or someone in her closet. he told us to not fear and that she should sleep and it was safe.I definitely recommend because it was a good app and overall it worked great. but on my phone all the app does is say letters really fast. it does this is any location I visit. is there any way to fix this problem?

Bobbie Yost

Ok so im sitting down for 3 mins i asked if anyone was there \"yes\" i asked if he/she is friendly \"yez\" im so surprised that there is a nice spirit around me i got a lil cold while doing this but it rlly works(don't go to diff places just to do this)

Kayla Anderson

Not sure if this app is not working or what. Its completely silent and Im not sure if its suppose to be or not. I will give it a higher rating if you can help me figure out what is going on. :( Im really wanting to try this app.

Lisa Mills

It's a very interesting app. I've been trying to speak to a very close friend recently as he was pretty much my mentor.. we were in the same religion (Odinism) and everything.. I got to speak with him through a person, but he shut her out because he wanted me to learn how to speak to him through clairvoyance.. I thought this might help, but I can't find a way to record the audio as I don't have another device to record.. great and amazing app though!!

Hiram Deckow Sr.

I thought this was fake... I messed with a evp before and in my basement I heard tons of noises abd scratches coming in threes.. Its been 3-4 years and I was watching a youtube video (not how I found this) where this guy called Huff Paranormal talks to spirits. I got inspired and decided to download the app.. promised myself to just keep listening.. I kept listening for 5-6 minutes and I \"thought\" i heard a hello, and then at the end I heard my name.. Y'all im scared.. what does it mean?

Rosina Trantow

my husband died two years ago. we had been together since i was 14, he died a few months before our 15 year anniversary. it was unexpected. if it was possible for him to communicate with me, he would of utilized this. people who keep hearing \"eat\" are just hearing the letter E in the recording sped up and distorted. i recorded my sessions on another device and analyzed them. theres nothing there. i did the sessions in our bedroom, i got nothing.

Prof. Kade Becker

Fully 1 month after having acquired Spirit Speak, I have to say that the application is an excellent one. Several major issues have been brought to my attention concerning the household and, subsequently, have been taken care of; had it not been for those contacting me via the application, I might not have had a home to return to. I still recommend this application to those with the patience to learn its nuances.