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Splits - Shot Timer

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Splits - Shot Timer

Splits is a shot timer. In fact, Splits is more than just a shot timer. Splits records the time of your first shot, shot to shot split times, mag changes, elapsed times and even includes a simple means to record accuracy. Splits can save your shot strings to your device’s storage so that you can monitor your progress.

Splits is very good at recognizing when a shot has occurred. However, it is not a dedicated shot timer. When there is a need to adjust its sensitivity, due to environmental conditions or surrounding activity, Splits is easy to adjust. On the main panel is a quick action adjustment. Or, for fine tuning, Splits provides a visual presentation of your shot string with the ability to adjust the device’s sensitivity.

Splits does need permission to store your shot string history on your device’s storage and to access your device’s microphone. The storage question often asks for permission to access “files and pictures”. This is a general question. Splits does not access pictures.

Splits is almost as good as the dedicated shot timers costing $100 or more. However, Splits is free! You can spend your money on ammo or other accessories instead. The free version of Splits has all the functionality of the paid version. The only difference is that the paid version removes the advertising.

Splits allows you to define your own stages and drills, so that you can select them during your session and save the shot strings by stage or drill. With the release of 2.40, Splits supports identifying the weapon used and person performing the drill. The term weapon is used here because some have chosen Splits for archery and other devices.

Graphical presentation is integral with Splits. You can see a historical presentation of your progress for draw time, split time, mag changes and elapsed time. You can recall and depict a graph of the actual shot string (2018 and forward). Plus, you can depict a graph of the current shot string and adjust the phone’s sensitivity if needed.

If you are shooting by yourself, splits includes a timer delay so you can “Make Ready”. The timer delay can be set to zero so the beep sounds at the press of the start button.

The metrics that Splits retains by Drill include: Total reps of the drill, total shots in the drill, average shots per drill, average elapsed seconds per drill, average first shot, average mag change, average split time between shots (excludes first shot and mag changes), average shot or split time, accuracy and the ratio of hits to misses. The metrics can be filtered by date range, weapon and/or person.

Splits can be used during Dry Fire practice. It can detect the sound of the hammer or striker click. Before dry firing, make sure your firearm is not loaded.

There is more to Splits than that described above. Splits is free to download and use. So, give it a try.

The Splits screen layout and coloring works well in the sunlight at outdoor ranges as well as indoors.

If you have questions, issues or suggestions, please email me. Thanks for looking. And, always treat a firearm as if it were loaded. Be Safe!

Editor's Note

Purely designed Splits - Shot Timer has made by CSL1911A1. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 2.4MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Splits - Shot Timer got its last update on March 3, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Caleb Cruickshank

Works great. One change i would love to see is an option to automatically save each string for drills. So that each time i stop the timer it saves the string without me having to manually save. Should probably make it a selectable option. Some may not want the app to do that.

Prof. Santiago Daugherty

Worked well with some tweaking, but the ad is right below the timer button, then loses the time when you accidentally touch that 'convenient' spot. Deleted immediately.

Dalton Homenick PhD

Edited review: I had issues with the app that were fixed through contact with the creator and troubleshooting. app is back to being the best shot timer app I've ever seen (only one that actually works) if you run into problems don't hesitate to contact CSL1911A1, better support for this free app than most premium services give you!

Prof. Maynard Lakin III

Great app. Exactly what I was looking for to practice dry fire exercises.

Jewel Graham

it's not a bad app, but if your using it and not allowed to draw from the holster it will occasionally miss your first shot.

Cindy Zboncak

Great app. Use it all the time!! Is there any way to have a begin buzzer and an end buzzer. So I can set a time of 1.50 and the buzzer beep on them both? Never the less, a great app that works great!!

Riley Harris

Just in from the backyard range and trying this app. In a word, useless. Worked a total of 3 shot strings (10 rounds 22LR x2, 5 round string of 9mm x1). 400 rounds total used (300 22LR, 100 9mm in 10 and 5 shot groups respectively). Tried multiple adjustments to app and phone settings to no avail. Competitive or aspiring comp shooter-I wouldn't rely on the app even for training; a backyard plinker who may be curious about their times-what the hay, it's a free app ( though i wouldn't expect much)

Amely Hermiston PhD

The only thing this app is missing, is the ability to set and remember different par times for various shooting drills. Dispite that, this app is still better than a stand alone shot timer!

Graciela Murazik

Works better than I expected. I haven't figured out the mag change feature. I don't do Facebook so I can't check your webpage. I'm using the paid version. Great deal.

Jillian Champlin

Please add auto repeat option, so you don't have to press the Start - Stop button each time. Add \"mag capacity\" option to specify how many times you want it to beep, and add an option to specify the random interval. Here's a scenario: You have a metal target and a 7 round mag. You holster the gun, in the app you enter the mag capacity of 7 and interval of 5 seconds. You start the timer. Once it beeps - you draw the gun and make as many shots as you want (1 or 2 or 3) then you holster the gun. If the app counted you still have a round in the chamber it will beep again in about 5 seconds, this way you don't have to press that start-stop button every time. Please let me know what do you think.