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SpotCrime+ Crime Map

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SpotCrime+ Crime Map

SpotCrime, the most visited crime map in the US, is now providing a safety app keeping your family aware of the crimes in your neighborhood and when you are traveling, or when you are buying real estate.

Get near real time crime information and crime alerts for most areas in the US, United Kingdom, and parts of Canada.

The app provides a crime map linked to many crime sources around the country from police activity and breaking crime news. Giving you nearby details on:


By pinpointing your location through the GPS on your phone, SpotCrime accesses its current database to provide you with current events and breaking crime stories around you.

Get crime in your zip code right down to your neighborhood and street block.

We are committed to help inform the public and increase everyone’s safety.

Spot crime with SpotCrime, and get out of the crime spot. Don’t let anyone take your mojo.

Crime data is provided by police departments, sheriff agencies, news media. In some cases, data is provided through 911 CAD (dispatch services) and information may be updated at a later time.

This is a great tool for neighborhood watch organizations. If you don’t see crime data on the map, ask your local police department to be transparent with their crime data and SpotCrime will map it for free. No charge to the police department, no charge to you, and free email alerts!

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Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the SpotCrime+ Crime Map from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of SpotCrime+ Crime Map is 1.0.7. You need to have Android 15 and above to install the apk. SpotCrime+ Crime Map made by SpotCrime very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Mr. Dylan Jacobson DVM

It does not want to start, always says internet connectivity error and I know I do not have any connection issue. I get good service here and everything else works except for their application. and it hasn't worked since I installed it so I'm going to have to uninstall it wait a little while to maybe they correct your issues then I'll reinstall it and if they corrected the issues they had with their application then I might write a more favorable review.

Miss Thea Runolfsson DVM

Awesome app for knowing when \u0026 what crimes happen locally. Wishing it were a little more detailed. Sometimes it glitches out, but corrects itself in a timely manner.

Ms. Shannon Bahringer

so i just wantedbto know what was going on in my area when i downloaded it, the app seemed fine but then it kept moving me around and constantly changong what was being reported ( which should show its up to date) and everything on there was from the 31st of may and bang on midnight liiebthey had a computer \"report\" these crimes i woukdnt use it

Miss Vernice Quigley

Great App for crime check. I am using it for last 1+ month and very impressed by the email report feature. Will suggest couplemof things - 1) make the crime map dynamic load so users can just navigate freely. 2) add zoom in/out option on map. That will make the user experience much better. Thanks for creating and letting us use this amazing app. Kudos all the way!!!

Berenice Buckridge

Not useful at all. The crime reports are all months old. And when you do click to ses more info you're stuck with a box you can't close out of. Not helpful at all.

Taylor Smitham

I live in an area near two bus stops where the homeless are always drunk and causing problems. The police are there multiple times a day. Yesterday, they were parked there for four hours. Something had to have been going on. But there's zero crimes on themap. I got this app to find out what's going on around me, not be the sole source for reporting crimes in my neighborhood. You need to use more than just customer data.

Prof. Donny Brakus

Great app, keeps up to date. One thing I would add would be a script to disperse points that are on top of each other, so when a person touches one of these said multi-points they spread out but are connected by little lines. Google Earth does it. I could send you a python script I wrote for GIS. 😁

Prof. Easter Considine MD

Hard to use. The table chart, showing the types of crimes, blocks the ability of the user to navigate the map.

Shanie Waters

I've been using the SpotCrime website for years and this app worked great for a while, but I've had nothing but \"internet connectivity\" errors that render the app unusable for months. Nothing fixes the issue that I've found. Very disappointing.

Kristian Doyle

Very useful, could use a larger search radius and easier way to move search around