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Standoff Multiplayer

The incredible online confrontation of terrorists and counter-terrorists in free multiplayer sessional online shooter "Standoff". Are you storm trooper, sniper or do you prefer stealth operations? Choose your role and weapons in multiple game modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Arms Race or Sniper Duel and show your supremacy. Overwhelming action, multiplayer and ranking system wouldn't let you relax.
Play with your friends over the network or online with thousands of players from all over the world!

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Editor's Note

Purely designed Standoff Multiplayer has made by Axlebolt. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 10 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as N/A you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Standoff Multiplayer got its last update on Aug. 10, 2017 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Norval Hyatt V

They have the worst servers in the world. I mean I downloaded this game to play but it does everything execpt allowing us to play. There always only few people will be online and so you have to wait for a very good time to get include in a battle and when you do their servers keep crashing.

Mallie Bergstrom

firstly the game is smooth on most Devices with a descent processor and 2Gb (minimum) RAM,controls can take a bit of time getting used to but in the end they are the best,in my opinion the game is buggy at some points and it also needs a better anti-cheat engine and newer weapons along with nerfing of the current ones(XM8 is a total monster/assault sniper :/ ).I think local multiplayer with WiFi connection should be implemented Overall lts a good game.Totally recommend

Prof. Alfonzo Douglas III

Its hand down one of the best online multiplayer games ever made for mobile phones even betted than the standoff 2. i hate the characters movement in standoff 2 it just feels like theyre floatinh or running too fast. I think the game developers should have stuck to developing standoff 1 since the graphics, the players movement and speed look more realistic which lets the players develop their skills naturally.

Edwin Hill

THIS GAME WAS GREAT ITSELF..i like it a lot even i am having 2..5star accs but when it id gonna update really? i doesnot like the updates..comon guys update higly...there should be mode like defuse..and we can sse opponents peofile..there should be kd...and other things and clans...SO PLEASE UPDATE THIS GAME..i am waiting for this from past 5years unistalling when i get bored and installing again...

Dr. Chelsey Hessel PhD

The shooting is very sticky and joystick would have been better for shooting.Pls add grenades and some other features to this version too.I don't want to have both standoff 1\u00262 EDIT:it seems someone tore down your servers.Cos 2G in a room with 10ft thick lead walls seems faster.Bad controls.Good graphics tho.very annoying in arm's race when youre at the last gun,and it disconnects throwing you in another battle with the first gun.Gameplay is ruined cos of 0.5G servers.Disconnects all the time.

Mr. Casper Gerlach

This game is great but it really need (Jumping) button so that we can go out easily on buldings and it also need speakers to communicate fast because typing takes lot of time and more stages please? developers put these two things quickly so that we can have much fun playing the game

Ms. Palma Okuneva Jr.

get your own ideas please do not copy my favorite game which is csgo. if csgo was on mobile you would get taken down asap. I hope this whole game will crash eventually. and all the csgo imitators. you guys are a BS company and you're just trying to get a few bucks off of this game. this is not even your idea and all the players that play this game please consider geting the real game which is csgo and supporting the real Developers which is valve oh I'm trying to say is do not support these guys

Laverna Lesch

Aw man, I wish we still had the old version skins?. Axlebolt, please make new skins, and atleast make it where I can buy the skins and picking the maps instead of it being random. If you'd do it, it would be helpful.☺

Otilia Rutherford

i love this game but there are some players who hack the game and do not play fair. Please take some action against them. I want to give a suggestion that introduce new maps.

Jovani Cormier III

very good game with stunning graphics and controls. Storyline is good and is the best shooting game. But there should be a little bit big map so that it can be more adventureous. Well at all i give it all stars.?