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Star Chores - Reward Chart for Kids

Download Star Chores - Reward Chart for Kids apk for free.

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Star Chores - Reward Chart for Kids

Family tasks manager * Reward store * Kids bank balances * Schedule allowances *
Cartoon avatars * Cloud & Offline Mode * DOWNLOAD NOW!

This is the best value tool for parents to teach their children good behaviour in a positive way. It promotes children to learn the value of earning and saving, through the tasks they are set.

Do you want:
- To make your children feel in control, which brings self-esteem?
- Them to have motivation to carry out tasks?
- To work with, not against, your children to achieve their goals?
- Your children to be taught the value of saving?
- To have greater tranquillity at home?
- More quality family time?

Then download and try this app now.

Key Features:
- No adverts
- Free to download and fully functional for a trial period
- Simple, friendly dashboard
- No internet required
- Great looking cartoon avatars
- Reward Store, for children to spend their Stars
- Bank balance of their money and star savings. Kids can easily buy things when they are out, by parents deducting the money from the apps' Bank
- Schedule pocket money and allowance deposits
- Easy and flexible setting of tasks
- Parental approval steps
- Daily reminder notification of your tasks that day
- We use secure cloud. So everyone has their own easy login, and can see the same data instantly across your tablets and smartphones.

It is designed to teach children (or your husband/wife) the value of earning rewards from carrying out chores. It allows you to set tasks for any member of your family, such as 'Clean your teeth every night at bedtime', 'Finish your homework by 5pm' or 'Clear the table after dinner every day'.
Every family member has their own logon, avatar and theme.

When the person completes the task, they confirm in the app and, after you have approved, their own Star Points or virtual Money balance will be credited. They can then spend their Star points in the apps Reward Store on such treats as '1 hours screen/TV time', 'Trip to the cinema' or a 'Pizza takeaway'.

You can also use it to monitor and manage virtual pocket money. As data is secured in the cloud, all family members can see the same task and reward data on any phone or tablet in your house.

Besides great looking screens, children will really enjoy choosing and managing their avatars from the hundreds of animations available.

The app runs in a dynamic offline mode - when you open the app, if there is an internet connection, it will refresh all data from the cloud; when you then use the app normally it will not need any internet connection, which means you can always use on the move and it will be faster; when you close the app the changed data is sent back to the cloud, so others in your family can see the changes.

This is FREE to download and fully functional for a trial period. After a small fee, you then own it forever. And what's better, is that there are NO ADVERTS in this app.

- See everyones' tasks each day, and which are completed or waiting parent approval.
- View Star points or Money balances.

- When a task is completed, or when a completed task is approved, the childs' Start points or Money balance is credited.
- The Reward Store is where rewards can be 'bought', from the list that you setup. This will Debit the balance.
- The Bank will show all transactions.
- Admins can also manually debit or credit, both Start points and Money from the account. This allows it to also be great for managing pocket money and allowances.

- You can enable parental controls so that a family member will only get rewarded once you say they have Really completed the task.
- When a family member spends their Star points in the Reward Store, you can also have parental controls on what they choose.

What are you waiting for?

Editor's Note

Purely designed Star Chores - Reward Chart for Kids has made by ThinkSmart. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 15 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 6.2MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Star Chores - Reward Chart for Kids got its last update on May 30, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Dr. Lorenza Hayes MD

Keeps freezing at different points when using the app. Like the app if it would stop freezing and saying it's because I lost connection

Adele Nikolaus

extremely glitchy! click on one thing and will not work. i couldn't even get passes the set up!

Kendrick Jones

I really like this app but it is not functioning well. I hope admin can fix all the bugs and this app will be popular amongst parents.

Prof. John Blanda

Looks nice but struggling to use it. Keeps freezing and loading pages in app takes too long

Selmer Carroll MD

I really would like this app if it worked. It won't let me assign different days and times for each chore, then the screen froze. This could be simple and easy. It is not

Penelope Medhurst

app keeps freezing, can't get it to work. would be great if it did work