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Strobe Lights brings you the world's best strobe flashlight app, all in one app.
A simple but complete tool can be used as a professional strobe lights with a maximum of 30 Hertz in your phone with many useful features, music 🎶, color and flash.

Strobe Lights app provide you with many more features synchronizing the camera led flashlight and the screen flashlight turning your phone in a color flashlight ensuring you're enjoying lighting, dancing or listening music.


✔️️Strobe Frequency: With Strobe Light app you have full control and flicker frequency information.
✔️️Color settings: You can select your favorite color and mix two colors in Multicolor Mode creating beautiful lighting effects.
✔️️Flashlight App: A ultimate flashlight technology with super bright led flashlight to turns your device into the best Android torchlight with a powerful light.
✔️️One tap ON one tap OFF: You can switch on/off the flashlight and screen light from your lock screen in notification bar (flash notification) while device is unlocked, just tap. Simple, fast and perfect!
✔️️Colorful environment: Simulate a disco ball and another strobe light effects, select your style, switch color mode and host your own personal ambient.
✔️️Cool Interface: Stunning graphics with beautiful interface and clean layout make the operation simple, smooth and fast!
✔️️Optimized: Strobe Light app is optimized with battery friendly, super bright flashlight and music integration.
✔️️No unnecessary permission, no data collections: Just camera to control the flashlight and microphone to beat to the rythm of the music. We respect your privacity.


✔️️Strobe/Blinking Lights: The brightest strobe lights with frequency adjustable can be used in your bike, in your car, to send a warning, to produce a nice effect in when recording a video.
✔️️Disco Light: Animate the moments with your friends with strobe lights, like a color flashlight create a cool strobe effect that will turn your flash LED on and off with the surrounding sound like graphical equalizer or music visualizer.
✔️️Simple Flashlight: Stuck outside with no street light? Flashlight always disponible that you can turn it on/off without unlocking the phone.
✔️️Animate your music! Strobe Lights flashlight app can integrate music from Music Streamers(Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud) and from Music Players and beat to the rythm of the music! Cool!
✔️️Mood Light: Selecting slow speed transform your room in a mood lights, using your screen color as a night light displaying colours of the rainbow that adding ambience and atmosphere to a room. Can help you meditate and relax an even release tension, stress or anxiety.

Create cool color mix strobe

* Disclaimer: Strobe light mode can cause epileptic seizures in some people with history of epilepsy. Do not point to the face for long periods.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Strobe. Strobe is developed by 💎 Chic Apps 💎 and it has very stable version which is 1.0.0. Strobe works with all the android devices if the device is Android 10 and above. We always provide you Strobe apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Vergie Zemlak

pretty good, i believe the speed is probably perfect to the user's device, different per user. tinker with the speed for the led light. 20 seems to be the best so far when considering how much time is in between the strobe continuing to be a good strobe in between its minor pauses. but like i said, tinker with the speed of 30 range, I'd say you can find something consistent enough between 10-22, depending on your device. better than most of the strobe apps out there, I've only found two that are flawless, and one doesn't exist anymore, so this is decent still ;)

Hassan Satterfield

ok, so i gave it 5 stars this time, tho its really a 4,which is still good, but the reason i gave 5 this phone (HTConeM7) is because there is rarely a pause no matter what speed i choose, whereas on other devices (Samsung S7 edge) 20-22Hz/30Hz for the speed is good when you count in the pauses between consistent strobe not being much to really take away from the strobe effect. I'm going to try it on my LG G5 next n see how that goes. Still better than most out there, seeing as how I've only found one perfect one that actually still exists for download. Hehehe

Miss Albina Hickle PhD

worst. app. ever. funny how it asks can it take pictures while trying to enable back LED flash ... weird. and the app couldn't control the backLED speed... diss on this. don't even try it. believe me.

Mr. Percy Kemmer II

Terrible. Flashlight doesn't strobe as fast as screen. 3 ads in 5 minutes. Uninstalling

Donna Flatley

It does not even work with my phone and the ads are on the bottom so I can't even control anything!

Ahmed Bernier

App that flashes the flashlight really fast.

Sabina Olson


Rick Crist


Al O'Conner


Alisa Orn

I LOVE color anyway good for me