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Supermarket - Fruits Vs Veggies Kids Shopping Game

Download Supermarket - Fruits Vs Veggies Kids Shopping Game apk for free.

Supermarket - Fruits Vs Veggies Kids Shopping Game apk icon

Supermarket - Fruits Vs Veggies Kids Shopping Game

When the lights in this fun supermarket dim, and the cashier and staff head home, magic happens! The fruits and veggies – Quin the Cucumber, Addi the Potato, Kai the Pineapple, Nina the Banana, Han the Pumpkin and Otto the Tomato – come alive. And when they do, get ready to have a blast! Because in this fun shopping game for kids Fruits vs Veggies - Supermarket, anything goes!

Want to shop with Otto the Tomato? He’ll be there with you as you grab pasta or pizzas or ice cream right from the shelves. In this fun supermarket, kids of all ages -- girls and boys – can shop ‘til they drop! As the kids play this fun supermarket game, they can go wild and litter the store with fruits and veggies. Or they can play it neat, and pack up their carts like pros! As we said there is something for everyone, in this fun shopping game for kids!

Hungry after all that shopping or playing with the Fruits and Veggies? No problem. In this shopping game for kids Quin the Cucumber can join you as you slice bread, cheese, and meats and make a giant sandwich. Or grab Addi the Potato and he’ll be with you as you mix-up some flour and bake fresh bread -- yummy! Thirsty? You’re covered. Toss some juice in the blender and stir up a cool, delicious smoothie – then offer a sip to Kai the Pineapple. Ready for dessert? Whip up your own cotton candy or churn out your own tasty ice cream…you can bet Han the Pumpkin would love it if you offered him a bite!

Done eating? Head into the games and puzzles section of the best kids shopping game with Nina the Banana and play for hours. Or, hand a mic to your fruit and veggie friends and see what they suggest. Whatever you decide to do, you can feel safe knowing this is a completely kid and baby friendly shopping game for kids.

• A huge collection of fruits and veggies and other supermarket items for kids, to choose from and play with
• Dispense candies, blend smoothies, whip cotton candy, toast bread, churn ice cream, bake bread, make sandwiches, fry eggs, cook pizzas, dress up characters in hats, arrange jigsaw puzzles, snap pictures!

• In this top Kids gaming app, all your favorite Fruits and Veggies characters are set to talk to you, sing to you, and have fun.
• Give them food to eat or a hat to wear – they’ll love it!

• The goal of this fun game for Kids is only to enjoy, make the Fruits Vs Veggies stars do whatever you like…you control all the characters
• Food, drinks, toasters, ovens, toys, puzzles, games, clothes – something here for everybody.

• Fun, safe and simple game for kids
• 6 lovable characters from the Fruits Vs Veggies universe with unique voices
• Tons of items to play with
• Mix and match to get unique items
• Giant scrollable supermarket background
• Easy controls
• Fresh veggie graphics

So what are you waiting for now? Download this fun shopping game for kids and let your toddler explore a world full of surprises and delight.

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Maxime Fisher III

Indeed one of the best game for toddler. supermarket is superb app for children to buy fruits and vegetables. my children are playing and now they are aware how to buy and which should be buy from any super market. thanks for making such a wonderful app.

Prof. Joan Wintheiser IV

My kid loved this Supermarket Fruits \u0026 Veggies game. She gets very excited every time she cooks something in the pan. This is really fun and one of the best kids game.

Prof. Judah Zieme

I love this game, bacause i can choose What I like to buy. But there is no cart in there plsssss add some cart to make the game interesting 😊

Enid Mohr

First of all, you try to make it fun, you literally can't do the alphabet, numbers or shapes, and you add speech which you can't stop!!! What the hell! IPads are for kids that like the games, not an ipad that scares them because of the voices!!!!

Orland Sawayn MD

Firstly, I was excited to download the game and I installed it. Then I was bored when I saw that game was only swiping. It was the waste game. When I saw the pics of the game, I thought that it was the best game for kids, But when I was playing the game I thought that was the waste game for not only kids but it was the waste game for teens also. So, I immediately deleted the game. When I saw the reviews the reviews where very bad about the game, But I thought the reviews are wrong and I installed it. Then I was thinking that reviews were correct. So, I immediately uninstalled the game because I was fed up with that swiping......... Now I can say that it was a waste game in my life☹️☹️😕waste waste wastest game plz don't download this waste game.

Neil Johns

My little sister has been playing this game for hours and trust she loves it thank you for making this a game and my little sister happy because it has been a very depressing month after our mother 'went up there' I'm very thankful that you made her smile.

Sigrid Deckow

Its fine But the Music thing I thought the rooms Will be all free but no. So for me im 14 years old playing this game only 4 to 10 can only play this cuz some of the people will get board or roast this game But for me i wont roast this game Because my sister love this so Much............So please if ur reading this and ur 14+ please dont dawnload this game i mean its ur choice if u want to dawnload this game or no so... I was saying you will get board if your 14+ but.... Its ur choice so.... Yea. Btw i like your games But i dont really like the \"Weeeeeee\" thing when you pick them up but Its awesome. And the foods LOOK SO REAL AND I JUST WANT TO EAT THEM CUZ THEYE ARE REALISTIC LOOKING.......♥♥♥♡♡♡♡

Loyce Durgan DDS

I let my hole 1st grade class play it and they all love it. Ervey time they all walk in they all me \" are we gonna play the game again\"

Ms. Shaylee Smith III

It's a great game for kids kids It is doing a very good job. Another control against it is not very good. There are so many items in I understand that this is an educational game for children that can easily be seen by one of the many shopping methods .

Adelbert Padberg

the supermarket game is awesome i am using it day and night its all time good and timing passing game i wish to all member use this cool game and never bored when you play this game.