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OFFICIAL SURVIV.IO ON MOBILE - The same, full experience you know from your desktop browser. Every feature and every update completely in-sync between desktop and mobile.

2D BATTLE ROYALE - It's Battle Royale packed into an intense 3-5 minute experience. No lobbies, no lengthy drop sequences. In, you're always in the fight!

RANDOM MAP GENERATION - Tired of looting the same set of static locations every game? features something no other Battle Royale offers: a completely new map in each game. Every rock, tree, building, bunker, and river spawns in a randomly chosen place using our intelligent map generation tech.

SOLO/DUO/SQUAD - Choose the mode that fits your mood. Go it alone in solo mode, battle with a partner in duos, or field a four-person team in squads.

LOOT FOR DAYS - Loot, loot everywhere. Famous firearms, melee weapons, throwables, medical items, armor, scopes, and backpacks to hold it all. Raid an air drop to get the rarest loot!

CONSTANTLY EVOLVING - The dev team is dedicated to keeping the game fresh and exciting. We believe in frequent updates and open communication with the community. Join us on Discord and say hello!


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Mrs. Jena King

Overall a very good battle royale experience. Lag was a big issue but as I moved to an S10+ it no longer exists. Loved playing this game on PC and mobile is almost as good, the only downside are the controls. They are very inaccurate and usually never aim at the target. Another problem is spawning late so there is a lack of loot in the area, apart from this graphics and gameplay are very good.

Mrs. Maximillia Olson II

This game is pretty fun especially since I have a group of friends to play with. But recently I've been having trouble even playing because the the startup menu doesn't even load properly, which is insanely annoying. I can't even get into a game anymore, and I've tried the universal 'turn it off and back on' trick, but can't seem to fix it. I'm assuming this is now an issue with the game itself since I can't seem to fix it on my end. If it helps any, my phone is running on Android Pie (9).

Prof. Pierre Gutmann I

The game in its core is fun but the controls are bad for mobile. There needs to be more options for shooting because half of the time the controls may not lead you to where you want it to. As for the performance. It lags hugely every now in then. Not often but when it does its massive. Its disappointing given this game would be better with more control options. Tap to shoot were you click? Its mobile so there will still be problems but I feel way more responsive, dynamic even.

Mr. Casper Mraz Sr.

i have played this game on pc and phone and it ro'ks at both. it is the only game i play and i absolutley love it. even though i have playe! it close to a million times i am still not very good at it(lol) but it never gets old. there are certain advantages of the phone and the computer but they both rock.(for example the phonne auto pixks up suplies but it usually lags. you shoul! absolutley get this game.

Dr. Rollin Blick MD

Very fun game when it doesnt freeze on me, which it does multiple times per match. I have 0 control of myself when this happens. Then when the lag stops i am usually dead or have traveled very far from where i was. I know that it isnt just my phone because it also happens on my pc even more often then on mobile. Fix your servers surviv its gotten horrendous. (P.S. Nobody actually likes the forest gamemode, it's awful)

Deshawn Walker V

amazing game, better than fortnite! the game has a lot of INGAME changes and you dont need to use you time to manually update it. The game even has its own story and mysteries, with the EYE, potato scientist, and a rich salon owner. you can get all sorts of guns to! dont get to overwhelmed, you will figure out in no time, wich guns are best and best for you! A fun part of gamplay is that the map randomly places the locations of destinations randomly each time! so no getting tired! jump in!

Rodrick Boyle

It absolutely sucks on mobile and only works on computers, the controls sucks, it lags like heck and it doesn't even pick up the weapon, so pls don't download, it works only on tablets and computers, and its a complete waste of space on your phone.

Lillian Klocko

this no doubt, my favorite browser game but i cant run it smoothly on my phone. i get maybe two fps which is hard to play on so i had to delete it but if you phone isn't three years old i would certainly suggest it :) i think that mobile is very well balanced when it comes to game play, im a pretty good PC player (i think lol) and i have been killed by mobiles more times than i can count. 10/10 game! i see a lot of hate comments but this game is worth your time. now go get some chicken dinners!

Mrs. Ethelyn Wuckert

Far from being a perfect mobile game. There are alot of problems, one of the things being the framerate. The lag is absurdly high for a mobile game and something needs to be done to reduce the lag. Another one would definetly be the Heat problem. My phone overheats pretty quickly after 2 consecutive rounds of battle royale and burns my hand pretty quickly.

Prof. Ocie Schmidt

I love the game it's really good but there is something missing. playgrounds. I know you all love the normal BR but playgrounds would be great. You can invite. maybe Maximum could be 16 and could do match options like fortnite like you can spawn in with a chosen gun or armor. plz that would make the game perfect.