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Survival & Escape: Island

The hero is cast away in a bad weather and wakes up on a desert island without any memory.
The only things that come to his memory are some 12-digit numbers and letters...
The strange animals on the island, and the extreme weather... His condition deteriorates by day.
Can you survive here?
Can you find out the truth and escape from the island with many hidden secrets?

- The game starts at the "base camp" in which you can create the items needed for safety and survival.
- Exploration, combat, and escape
It is divided into three zones: survival zone, battle zone, and the escape zone.
You can find traces of the hidden stories on the desert island.
- Evolution of the items
Using the items you acquired earlier, you can make luxury items and create new items in a variety of combinations.
You can find the hidden item by using the tool items.
- The Beast of malformed in vivo
You can fight wild animals to survive.
Some of the wildlife is in the enhanced form because of biological experiments in progress.
If you win the battle of the beasts, you can get leather items to make clothes with.
Certain animals conduct special attacks.

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