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Swag IQ is now Swagbucks LIVE - the interactive livestream app where you can win $1000s every week. Download now to enjoy daily 10-question IQ trivia games with $1000s at stake plus bonus SB for everyone! Stay tuned for exciting new features and programs to come on Swagbucks LIVE!

* Prizes are paid to winners in the form of SB points, which are redeemable for popular gift cards or PayPal cash at swagbucks.com/redeem.

Editor's Note

Purely designed Swag IQ has made by Prodege. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 21 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 8.9M you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Swag IQ got its last update on Oct. 23, 2018 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Prof. Kiana Blanda IV

i used to love playing this but after the new update it always kicks me out saying network error. today i was eliminated on the first question even though i pick the time right answer.

Bernard Wunsch

real money. so much fun

Meredith Wisoky

always fun!

Miss Alysson Witting Jr.

Good idea but basically useless for anyone outside of US (despite swagbucks being popular around the world yet again they don't care about anywhere but the USA). All games are at midnight/1am so if you have a normal work schedule and have to be up early in the morning then you can never play. Annoyingly, on swagbucks now all I seem to keep winning is free rejoins for this game which I cannot use (especially as it doesn't run on weekends). Pretty pointless app.

Ms. Gertrude Denesik I

I like Swag IQ, I am a fan of Trivia. Although I am not familiar with a lot of the topics. I am able to learn and earn Swagbucks. I would have rated it 5 stars if they would allow you to change your answer.

Dr. Zelda Stiedemann

Kept tapping on the answer but wouldn't work and then got a network error. A lot of lag as well. New update is not great.

Tom Volkman

Great way to earn sb's just ignore the comments ppl can be cranky. I finally won, SB Live 1st game I won 74sb.

Breanne Gutmann

Cool game. Easy to access. Cheesy host.

Ryann Gutkowski

hey its free to play!!

Deshaun Torp

It is fun to do for 15 minutes through the week! Love it!