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Swamp Attack

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Swamp Attack

Your swamp is under attack! Grab a weapon and defend your home from the invading monsters, like crazed zombie-style monsters, crocodiles, aliens and more!

Come up with a strategy! Shoot weapons. Beat the monsters. Survive the attack and secure your home. The evil monsters may know no mercy, but you can beat them all – every single monster is a fun challenge!

We’ve got dynamite, flamethrowers, crossbows, blob-throwers, molotov cocktails, and more for you to use against the zombie-style critters! So get ready to SHOOT! Prepare your ATTACK! And PROTECT your home as you play the best action-packed shooter game around!


- Shoot with different guns by TAPPING THE SCREEN.
- DRAG AND DROP the explosives onto the monsters.
- Don’t miss a beat – SWITCH between weapons during the action!
- UPGRADE and equip yourself with guns and bombs before starting a new level.
- Drink a potion to CONTINUE PLAYING if you get killed, or to instantly top up your energy.

Just like players defend their towers in the best tower defense games, you have to defend your home and your swamp!

Play this action-packed, super cool tower defense game and have fun for free! Try out the Challenge mode and test your limits! When you win, you can have even more fun attempting the even more challenging multiplayer mode!

So, are you ready to play one of the most exciting games out there?!

8 action-packed EPISODES!
QUICK MISSIONS for instant excitement!
More than 30 awesome DEFENSE TOOLS like the mighty shotgun, the reckless minigun, and the super atom bomb.
More than 45 different MONSTERS running wild, each with their own special attacks!


Swamp Attack is a free game, with the option to purchase items to help you progress through the levels faster.

This app contains:
- Promotion of Outfit7's products and contextual advertising;
- Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps;
- The option to make in-app purchases;
- The option to invite Facebook friends for in-game rewards; and
- The option to play against other users.

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Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Swamp Attack. Swamp Attack is developed by Outfit7 Limited and it has very stable version which is 3.0.1. Swamp Attack works with all the android devices if the device is Android 16 and above. We always provide you Swamp Attack apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Fannie Mraz

Extremely pay to win, you will basically be unable to progress after about 15 minutes of gameplay, unless you start paying money. One of the most primitive, yet probably the most greedy FtP \"game\" I have ever played.

Jaden Dibbert

Excellent game by all means. Thanks guys. If not the very best game ever, this is one of the best games in the history of games. Very well done guys. However, were it not for the lengthy charging intervals, it would be the top game ever. My friends and I are impatiently waiting for further innovative updates, namely Episode 11 and so on. Thanks in anticipation. Please expedite introducing Episode 11.

Marjorie Reilly

Game is quite good but you need quite a bit of coins to upgrade and purchase weapons. I actually got the double coins purchase and it was worth it, add to that the option of watching an ad for double coins again and you will be able to very quickly upgrade. you can beat the game without spending real money but it will take you a few tries. game is pretty good though.

Ronny Wilkinson

Jeremy Hyde, If you are ever to see this, i would want you to know that the first boss is actually quite easy as long as you dont spam the shotty and I do agree with the difficulty of getting coins, but me and my family completed the game on a different device without spending a single penny on the game. Good job with the game people, really love it

Mr. Brooks Ratke DVM

So far this game is actually quite fun. I'm not even halfway through the first chapter and I'm already so into this game; the rush of adrenaline has my heart pounding when the critters get too close. 😄👍🏾 The ads aren't really a problem as, at least on my Note 8, they're an option if I want the opportunity to double my coins.

Mr. Eriberto Sanford

This game is literally perfect! Super fun! Super challenging! Even has a PVP! PLEASE PLEASE make new levels I just beat the game after I've had it a few months. EVERYBODY is waiting for new levels!! I tried to donate money to the game but I had issues with that. DOWNLOAD this game peoples!

Prof. Brittany Sipes V

great game. time passer. fun. need more updates. once a year is not enough! I use this game a lot while out of wifi/reception areas for long periods. one of my favorite offline games!

Haleigh Maggio III

Great fun game. A lot of fun and very challenging. My only question to the game developers is when are you going to release Episode 11 in the game? I'm in Episode 9 and 11 hasn't been completed yet. Been waiting for the update for a long time. Completed the challenge levels earlier this year. Waiting on New challenge levels as well.

Dwight Kulas III

Clearly a pay to play game. The best way to grind for coins would be multiplayer, but the automated matchmaking system will only ever pair you with opponents with at least 3 times your experience, but more often than not 10 times your experience. Waste of time. Download something else...

Junius Orn

I really love this game so much!!!!!! it is the best after cooking fever of course but please download this game ,it is so good and the best thing you can play online and that is cool in my opinion and a lot of games have that so ya bye