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Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot Portable

Download Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot Portable apk for free.

Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot Portable apk icon

Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot Portable

100 million installs strong, Swift WiFi is the #1 FREE portable WiFi hotspot app on mobile. Download Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot and enjoy the free WiFi app to let you find & connect to shared WiFi around the world.
With millions of free WiFi hotspots shared by our users in the world, you can connect to free WiFi easily and safely with the WiFi Master - Swift WiFi: Free WiFi Hotspot.
Swift WiFi offers you nearby WiFi hotspot options, which include free WiFi hotspots and the passwords shared by our users all around the world. Before you get connected to a new WiFi, we suggest you use our Safety Test function to protect your personal privacy and property security.
Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot is not only a free WiFi sharing app but also a WiFi Master (WiFi optimization tool), which can improve WiFi performance, optimize WiFi connection by connecting to the optimal signal.

Connect WiFi
Scan and search free WiFi hotspot around you, connect to WiFi hotspot just one click. WiFi conncetion is easy, qucik and safe.
WiFi Security
WiFi connection will be safe and trusted. We keep you away from unsafe WiFi hotspots and ensure the safety of connected WiFi when you are in an unfamiliar environment.
WiFi Speed Test (WiFi Master)
Show the real-time speed of WiFi hotspot you connected, know your speed status anytime. And we will provide you the optimal WiFi hotspots to ensure you a better internet experience.
Smart WiFi
With the Smart WiFi function, you can set specific mode to turn on/off WiFi under different circumstances so as to save battery.
Share WiFi
Share free WiFi hotspot: You can add Free WiFi hotspots by sharing the WiFi passwords with other users.
Share personal WiFi hotspot: Share mobile network to friends when your phone is acting as a portable hotspot.
Easy Share
No need mobile data, you can qucikly share files with friends face to face.

Features of Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot:
Free WiFi
WiFi connection is FREE. Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot provides millions of free WiFi hotspot nearby, and you can connect to WiFi hotspots without worrying about the passwords.
Safe WiFi
Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot provides trusted WiFi services and guards your WiFi safety. We don’t hack WiFi or do anything like WiFi hacker. All WiFi are safe, some are free WiFi hotspots, others are hotspots shared by our users.
Easy & Fast
Just one click to search for free WiFi hotspots and shared WiFi hotspots, then tap to connect WiFi hotspots.
Easy to Use
The interface is generous with simple operational method, and it is availble in 35+ languages across 223 countries and regions.
Around the World
With millions of free WiFi shared by our users all over the world, you can connect free WiFi when you are on the trip or in places such as cafe, subway station and other places.

With the rise of sharing economy, things are no longer owned but shared. We aimed to become a No.1 WiFi sharing app on google play by building a trusted platform for everyone to share WiFi access with each other. With over 50 MILLION users sharing and contributing to our community, the availability of free WiFi is growing internationally day by day. So, come join the world’s largest WiFi sharing community today! There will be more and more shared WiFi with your help and help you in return to get connected!

If you were misled to download Swift WiFi(like Save your battery life, against viruses, adware), please give feedback to us and don't download our app. Meanwhile, it's really helpful if you could find out the trouble maker together with us. Our E-mail: [email protected]

Contact Us
We value your feedback very much, if you have any questions or any new needs for this WiFi hotspot & WiFi sharing app, please let us know. If you like our app, please rate it 5 stars.
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Editor's Note

Purely designed Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot Portable has made by DotC United Swift Team. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 15 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 7.4MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Swift WiFi - Free WiFi Hotspot Portable got its last update on May 10, 2018 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Mr. D'angelo Ryan Jr.

This app sucks. My time wasted on yet another STUPID \"Wifi connection\" app. It is just like the wifi connection thing in the settings of your phone! Don't waste your time on this fake app. Uninstalling.

Prof. Declan Wisoky

Waste of a download, doesnt do what you think and wants access to make phone calls and the media on my phone? Nah, thats a no from me dawg.

Guido Ondricka


Brooklyn Considine

It's ridiculous, the wifi's are never available and the only ones that are available are the BT wifi or something like that and after connecting to that it tells you to fill out some silly form

Lon Wiegand

Need to upgrade for effective each part of option easy and without any lengthy process. because some option are not work without any reason but shown and want fully wrong instruction.

Dr. Idella Ortiz I

I'm just now opening up the app and trying to give me time and I will let you k n o w

Miss Birdie Macejkovic PhD

this haves helped me out a bunch normal we wouldn't be able to get any WiFi but with this we get pretty good WiFi i would recommend it it anybody that needs it

Jaunita Bauch

I like it, it helps make my wifi at home better. And it also makes it easier to find wifi when I am away.

Casimir Ritchie

i liked this flexible and powerful cache speed booster application. it helps me work very much faster. thank you very well, done.

Cory Brakus

The app is user friendly and makes WiFi management very easy, it performs exactly as the name describes it SWIFT