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Takl - Home Services On Demand

Find fast help for house cleaning, delivery, moving, furniture assembly, junk removal, handyman chores plus Build Your Own Job and Hourly Help.

o 100% upfront pricing - Chores are always pre-priced. No waiting for estimates.
o You choose day & time - Find same-day help 7 days a week
o You choose provider - After you order, the app quickly returns available background-checked providers
o Find Recurring help on cleaning & lawn care, once, weekly or monthly. You choose.
o Backed by the Takl Guarantee - if you are not satisfied, we'll work with you to make it right.
o Customer Support - Easily available through the app 7 days a week.
o No cash needed - Pay directly through the app, including tips.
o Earn Rewards, find your Favorites and easily +Add Work to get even more done

Pick a chore
See instant pricing
Place an order
Pick your provider
Get it done
Pay in the app

Enter your zip in-app to see pricing. Over 55,000 approved providers in 79 metro areas across America.

To become a provider, visit takl.com/provider.


o House & apartment cleaning
o Furniture delivery
o Moving Services
o Painting
o Mount a flat screen TV
o Appliance installation
o Lawn Mowing
o Haul away empty boxes
o Furniture assembly
o Car Detailing
o Pet Sitting & Pet Waste Removal
o Shrub/Hedge Trimming
o Weeding flower beds
o Gutter repair & clean out
o Pack boxes
o Replace light fixtures, fans & curtains
o Patch drywall
o Organizing
o Decluttering junk
o Power washing
o Standing in Line

Create nearly any small job you need for a pre-priced amount with Build Your Own Job. Used for everything from painting walls to home maintenance to bundling several handyman chores.

o Home-sharing & vacation rental managers have all used Takl for remote cleaning, trash removal, landscaping & home repairs.
o Interior designers use Takl for installation day services & home decorating help like moving furniture & hanging pictures.
o Realtors use Takl to help homeowners quickly prepare a house for sale.
o Small businesses use Takl to find last minute help with office cleaning, tree limb removal services and small office repairs.

Home owners can benefit from this handy service. Your go-to task manager whenever you need local help for housekeeping, small renovation projects, home improvements & other residential services.

Assembly: Furniture assembly, bike assembly, basketball goal assembly or Build Your Own

Auto/Boat: mobile car detailing, washing, replace windshield wipers, or Build Your Own

Cleaning: maid service, house cleaning, clean a kitchen or bathroom, scrub appliances, dust furniture, remove cobwebs, window washing, office cleaning

Delivery & Pick-Up: Build Your Own furniture delivery, appliance pick up, courier service

Handyman & Small Repairs: assemble furniture, change filters, paint a wall, swing set assembly, install dishwasher

Junk Removal: shed removal, remove boxes & junk, tree limbs, furniture disposal, appliance removal

Lawn & Yard: grass cutting, planting, leaf raking, weeding, clean grill, patio cleaning, fertilize lawn, clean pool

Moving: short distance and small load moving, load or unload a vehicle, move heavy furniture around a room or up/down a set of stairs

Organization: organize a closet, pantry, attic, basement, garage or shed or Build Your Own

Painting: Paint deck/porch, fench, door, window shutters, or Build Your Own painting job

Pets: pet waste removal, install dog door, pet sitting, build cat tree, or Build Your Own

Seasonal: yard decorations, hanging holiday lights, making a wreath, haul away Christmas tree, party set up and clean up

TV Mount & Electronics: mount flat screen TV, set up wireless router, sound bar installation, set up a printer

Not all services available in all areas.

Editor's Note

The apk file of Takl - Home Services On Demand is really hard to find nowadays. But our website always here to help you to make your job done. Our experienced team has prepared the apk file for you to download and install with just a few clicks. You can always find the latest 6.17 version from our website and that update has announced on April 8, 2019. Takl - Home Services On Demand is a very good application but does not work with if your device is outdated. If your device is Android 19 and above you can download it for free and at a very high download speed service. Otherwise you might want to update your device or get a new one to use Takl - Home Services On Demand After you finished your installation you can also check our other applications those we provide and download them for free as well.

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Sophia Wisozk I

I did not get to use it. I was referred this app by a friend that lives in the subburbs. So the $50.00 charge for a background check on me, because of my location, was not an option give to her. FYI Takl, 90% of my location is elderly people. They been living in this area for years. So to judge everyone on the area by making us pay for background checks, on ourselves, is not fair. Which makes this app un-useful. Also, I uninstalled the app, and now I have a Takl pop up virus. ?

Prof. Kathryn Schuppe DVM

I only downloaded this app to give it a bad review. by reading the reviews, they seem to need another one. to charge 40% of someone else's work and vehicle wear and tear, is ridiculous. I decided to look at the app and noticed the 9% service fee. If you charge a 9% service fee, that's your cut. I'm pretty sure there are laws you're breaking. I'll look it up and see.

Kaela Farrell

So expensive! Completely defeats the purpose when the guy washing my dishes would earn more than I do as mid-management. I did my time as a starving college student for 6 years, got a certification, and invested more than a decade in my career to earn the amount of money they are charging hourly to clean sinks or mow lawns. Plus, I have student loans! What the hell is happening??!

Mrs. Evangeline Prohaska

Since I cannot and will not rate this according to personal experience, this review is based around the name of the business itself and the brief research I found on its prices. According to research, I discovered that Takl charges a 2.99 access fee for their platform, PLUS, a hefty 30% fee on your earnings!! Wow, greedy much? Background checks out of your own pocket, too?! The name alone simply misspells \"TALK\". Sorry, but I am not impressed and refuse to use this app.

Marcella Schuster DDS

love the people that work for this company, but they need a better way to be able to communicate with the people who are doing the chore. This was one of the most frustrating experiences with when dealing with this app and hope that they resolve the communication issues. Need a way for you to ask for more than one service, the way it is now it's very confusing.

Lavonne Fay

Wish I'd read the reviews prior to wasting time booking a job only to have it cancelled twice. After finally getting a provider, and not hearing from him after I sent a text through app I realize this is not as cut and dry as advertised. Quick to charge account with exorbitant costs, but not deliver services requested. Very disappointing!!!

Ryan Schoen

the idea is great but theres a lot that needs fixing with the app. like payments providers and ratings as well as reaching someone and i pray they dont take a large percent from workers. the service fee they charge is ridiculous as well. the commerical is enjoyable

Marcelina Gleason III

good idea....not ready for prime time .....lack of providers.... lots of errors in the software process customer service made the dead links they sent me my fault.... use the yellow pages

Mrs. Natasha Dickinson III

for workers, they take 40% of whatever the customer pays(on top of charging a huge service fee). for customers, no clear direction on how to set up jobs properly. often times it ends up ripping off the worker as they can manipulate the pay for certain jobs. they don't care about you as a worker even if you have over 100 jobs completed with a perfect 5 star rating.

Ms. Estella Lesch MD

their dumping fees for junk removal are not accurate, thier prices to hire is $$$$ Jobs I try to get always get canceled.