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Well known The Ace Family is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download The Ace Family developed and announced by The Ace Family. Current version of the apk file is 1.3 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Aug. 29, 2018. Also The Ace Family is very famous in Lifestyle category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install The Ace Family if your device android version is Android 21 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Dr. Damian Stanton

I love the ace family and I think the app is a great idea, I dont care that there is a fee, this kinda stuff is their job after all. And 3 bucks a month isnt that much. Only thing I dislike is there is no way to comment on the livestreams/videos and it's annoying to have to go back and forth to twitter just to comment on the livestream. Also push notifications dont work on android which is a real bummer. there has been nothing new added to the app in over a year. dont buy the subscription.

Dr. Joshua Okuneva

Great app! Lots of nice features to! I recommend you make your phone cases in other phones sizes to. I was pretty disipointed when the phone cases were only for apple phones, since i don't have one and many others don't either. Other than that its a great app and i recommend!👍

Amiya Bednar

I'm absolutely willing to pay, but no where on my Ace Family app does it even give me the option of a membership. Elle's video doesn't come up anywhere to pay for that and watch...and I'm wanting to know how to fix this. I don't care how much I need to pay, but I need to know how(!) and why its not giving me any other options besides how to buy merch, look at quotes, wallpapers, Youtube videos...but nothing about exclusive content, and i have also deleted and re-downloaded this twice, and nothing pops up about setting up notifications. Please help! I've reached out everywhere. i want to give you 5 stars because I love you guys, but I'm scared it'll make it so that you don't see this \"review\"/problem....i'm giving 5 stars anyways....i cant bring myself to give any less to grab your attention, but hopefully you see this. help!!

Dr. Patsy Waters

Okay, first off, I love u Ace Family, but.. seriously? I was so excited to see Elles new video, but you have to pay to watch it? I think you make alot of money off youtube and merch, but that's even expensive! Im a kid that obviously cant get a job, doesn't get paid for doing anything, and my parents wont let me buy anything. Please make it free ace family.

Peter Lynch

So... I absolutely love the ace family. But not everyone has money like you guys do. I mean, in order to see \"exclusive content\" we have to pay. We can't even see Elle's video without paying. The app is starting to make me think it's just something for money. I don't really like that we have to pay for everything on the app. Your subscribers gave you guys money by watching you on YT! You guys might read this and say \"she's just another hate comment\" but I love you guys and I really wanted to support you, but I don't have the money, and it's a waste to pay 3 dollars a month just for some videos that you could've posted on YouTube. I love the ace family so much but this app is making me feel like the money is getting to your head. Please change this because I really wanted to be apart of the ace family but it's like your saying \"If you don't have money, then bye\". I also wanted merch to represent😂 but the merch is super expensive. A t - shirt is $20!!! Plz plz change this! 🤔😥 Deleted.

Vernon Raynor

I was so happy to get the app!!! Then I went to the corners....Why do we have to pay see how you live. We already did you a big favor by subscribing to you, you have 12 mil right now and all you give us is videos that we have to pay for. Do something nice for your fans for once and make the videos free to watch because I'd really love to see when the baby comes and all of you guys's corners. I'm deleting your app and hopefully you guys can upgrade this app soon and I might, just might redownload it. Thank you Ace family♠

Candace Kemmer

I really like the app , but I do want to ask for some fix ups as I know it is brand new, but works still needs to be done to it. I am a ace family member, so when I go to the member section, is not always that I can see the videos with out needing to sign in again. I want to be able to enter it and always be sigh in. Also I can't see to find a way to make the videos full screem. Send much love to the ACE family.

Prof. Jasper Klocko

Hey Ace Family!! I love you guys so much and I really want your merch and it is really expensive also I want to meet you. I downloaded tour app but I have problems. Also I can't turn on the post notifications, it doesn't pop up I tried to uninstall then install it but it still doesn't work. I am a Android user and I have a lot of problems I can't even find elles video. Can you guys please fix the app for Android users. I love you guys and hope you guys fix it.

Prof. Solon Lakin DDS

I don't understand the need for pay. Having an app for your subscribers should be free. Even if its just 2.99$ some of us can't afford it. I never seen another YouTuber do this. Yes we pay for merch but having to pay for watching videos seems outrageous to me. In that case might a well just wait till they come out on YouTube. I love your family and everything you do, however I do not agree with how you run your app.

Katelyn Trantow

Went in to see the merch. Almost bought the black tumbler! However, stopped the process because shipping costs $12.99 for 2 day priority! What if I don't want priority shipping? I'm comfortable receiving it like any other normal app/site shipping 5-7 days free/less than $12.99? Doesn't give any other option and I was not going to spend $35 dollars on a tumbler with the starting price of $19.99. You guys are more expensive than Starbucks!!!!