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The pinnacle of Japanese Mobile Strategy RPGs enjoyed by millions in Japan, THE ALCHEMIST CODE brings forth an enjoyable mix of genuine tactical elements and a plethora of high quality content - from intense 3D animations to stunning anime-styled cutscenes as well as superb music and voice acting!

Play your cards right - master the arcane power of Alchemy and alter the fate of the world!

* Classic turn-based battle system with grid-based movement
* Command strategic units on 3D terrains, consider the difference in elevation and orientation to turn the tides of battles

* Summon, collect and evolve more than 50 beautifully designed characters
* Master a wide selection of Jobs Classes, unlock new abilities and outfits

* Real-time 4P multiplayer co-op - Challenge high-level dungeons with 3 other players
* Put your skills to the test at the Arena! Battle fellow players to climb Daily Arena Rankings and get rewarded

* Go on invigorating adventures and traverse through unique landscapes
* Take up exciting Missions and Challenges daily and get fantastic rewards
* Discover intriguing character personalities, gripping backstories and quests



The Forbidden Art of Alchemy brought about destruction and a world divided by differing ideals.

It was sealed away into the darkness by the Seven Kingdoms of Babel...

However, its seal has shown signs of weakening, signalling an eminent foreshadowing of what's to come..

Bestowed with the power of Alchemy, who will prevail, and bring about a change in the world? Where will your will take you and how will the world judge you?

- Mankind’s Will is merely at the mercy of the Stones of Gods -

NOTICE: THE ALCHEMIST CODE is completely free to play. However, some in-game items can also be bought with real money.



Twitter: twitter/alchemist_code



** THE ALCHEMIST CODE recommended a device with Android 5 and above.

** A device with a minimum of 2GB RAM is recommended. Performance is not guaranteed on devices with less than 2GB RAM.

** 1.8 GB free space in phone internal memory is recommended to install the game with all of the downloadable contents.

** The game will require you to grant permission to access photos, media, and other files on your device. Enabling this permission will allow game data to be written to your SD card.

** Contact us on for further help with technical issues.

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Miss Shawna Walsh

Often stuck on loading screen. Also, the game after balancing leads to many stalemate state on medium to harder stages. I could spend more than 3 hours to clear a stage because the boss got too much hp and def while immune to debuff. Maybe okay for legit handheld console that can be paused for days, but for a mobile game that RESET EVERYDAY this kind of stages should never happened. Think about it again devs, you're making a mobile game here not a console game.

Dr. Rudolph Ryan DVM

I like the game. i just dont like the lag the crash the long wait for loading. I have a new phone capable of handping high graphics game but I dont know why this game has a lot of problems. btw my phone is a redmi note 7. but still the game is good.

Lillian Wehner Sr.

This game is really 5 stars. Just phenomenal if you like any of the genres it mashes. I have a pretty hefty commute and I have a hard time reading on transit, so I've been taken quite a few games out for a spin. This is like top 3. I actually paid a few bucks, but you do not have to. It is FtP, and maybe even FtW. That said, the latest update has a fatal bug... on completing a level you get a black screen and have to restart (edit, fixed promptly).

Prof. Freida Parker DDS

I love it, one of the most generous mobile games that still has a play style I enjoy. Powercreep seems like it's starting to come up but it's not to the point where new players won't be able to get into it and prosper effrctively. IMPORTANT: FARM SOUL SHARDS AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!

Delta Gerlach DVM

A good strategy game, reminiscent of final fantasy tactics, or that one ogre battle game. Seems to be pretty generous with giving out summons, the only thing that bothers me so far is the sense that it's holding all the missed crossover events and units over my head. I'd really rather not see units I'll never get in my lists, but that's not too big a deal.

Ashton Schaefer

Look forward to beautiful anime cutscenes and a lot of japanese voice acting. The menus are very detailed, and the meta gatcha mechanics feel significantly rewarding. It might take years to collect everything but hopefully I'll at least have seen the main story to the end. I've only played through the 1st act of Chapter 1 so far, and it's pretty generic but interesting; there's a lot of stories and a lot of content and interaction.

Miss Otha Skiles

The combat system keeps things interesting, and the boost that they give to new players to help them get caught up is huge. I am, however, concerned there may not be a lot of content to enjoy (it seems like 100 is the max level, and the boosts already got me halfway there).

Dulce McLaughlin

The People who gives 1 star and said this game became P2W because of just 1 banner doesnt have guarantee on step 3 are insane, for those who are looking for a review for this game i highly suggest that you guys read this review thoroughly, this game is F2P friendly, u can clear all content without collab unit that people are mad about because they cant get him on step 3 even if it is guarantee on step 3 the chance u get him on step 3 is 50% or 33% chance. Almost all units are farmable except the news one, usually u have to wait a few months for the new units to be farmable. Given that u have to invest some time on the game to be able clear some stages, heck even if u are new and with collab units u cant clear all the stages If u are new player they will give us free 280 summons on the first week of the anniversary, u can get a lot of unit that are better than the collab one and u can raise them to max lvl easily just from farming them every single day Gumi is generous on this game, well sometimes they are greedy but people never considered good deeds that they have done before, people mad just because gumi being greedy once in a while, they gives u a lot of free stuff even for veteran players are useful like exceeded amount of shards that can be exchanged to soul coin, or you can save them for lvl 91 upgrade later.

Stewart Robel PhD

This game is amazing! From the music,to voices and character design and story, this truly is a masterpiece! I highly recommend playing this game!

Prof. Raymundo Heidenreich

Art is great, battles are fun, and there seems to be plenty of content. Unfortunately it's loading screens galore! Everything you do gets a long loading screen and everything, including the main single player story, requires internet acess. For every minute of gameplay I spent 5 minutes in loading screens! Eventually I just go frustrated with the experience and uninstalled.