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The Guides Axiom

Sequel to one of Google Play's #1 puzzle games, The Guides Axiom introduces a myriad of entirely new codes, puzzles and interactive ciphers to challenge your wit, stretch your imagination and test your ingenuity in unique and innovative ways.

Simply stated, they’re not easy. Progressing will be difficult, but you have the appropriate tools at your disposal. Everything you need to proceed is — or has been — provided.

Look for clues and patterns to build on what you have learned. Remember what you have seen as for no detail is too subtle or insignificant. As you explore deeper, you’ll begin to unravel the enigma of The Guides Axiom.

Peculiar, isn't it?

• • • • • • •

• Includes more than 100 meticulously designed interactive puzzles, ciphers and secrets to discover — with many more on the way.
• Integrated decoding tools — including morse, binary and several others — to assist you on your journey.
• Reimagined level select system and nonlinear gameplay give you the freedom to explore a much broader path.
• Ability to save screenshots and record notes to help keep track of invaluable clues.
• Stuck? Extract a hint by using a Hack to obtain the inspiration needed to move forward.
• There are many layers of complexity so don't assume a puzzle has only one solution.

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General Inquiries: [email protected]

Editor's Note

Well known The Guides Axiom is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download The Guides Axiom developed and announced by RosiMosi LLC. Current version of the apk file is 4.0 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Aug. 10, 2018. Also The Guides Axiom is very famous in Puzzle category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install The Guides Axiom if your device android version is Android 15 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Dr. Thurman Kreiger DDS

This is the best puzzle game I have ever played on android. This is an amazingly well made game and it will take some time and effort to complete. Unfortunately at the time of posting this, the game has not been fully updated and there are still a lot of empty levels in the level selection. This game runs a bit slow on my phone(Redmi Note 4), but I think that it will run fine on most people's phones.

Emilio Schowalter

Game is a lot of fun, but the UI could use work. You need paper to take notes reliably and some clues are almost too hard to see. There might be something i\"m missing, but if so, buried.

Christina Collins DVM

The best logic game I've ever come across so far. So I've been scouring the play store for great logic games that actually challenge you to use your critical thinking and when I found this game I instantly got sucked into it. If you're looking for something to exercise your thinking skills then this game is definitely for you.

Guillermo Glover Sr.

Amazing mood builder of a game.. I'm not normally into puzzle games but this one got me hooked. if you're completely lost it definitely helps to use a binary to text converter and variants of that online for some of the puzzles.. I'm stuck on level 24 right now but hoping I'll crack it (edit, i did! perseverence is key!!).. kind of wishing this had led to a cool job, if you play it you'll see what i mean. Seriously, a job doing this type of work would be Great! Please!

Neha Littel

I love the game and I'm trying to replay it after a year, but there seems to be a problem with typing the letter \"U\" or the number 7 on the keyboard. Pressing the button goes to the menu. Why is this? Update: it seems to be an issue with the phone (using a Note 8). I tried using the app in full screen and now the button works.

Dariana Dietrich Sr.

So, at first the game is absolutely perfect. Stunning details, exciting music, beautiful graphics. The hype dies down when you realize you're new to the concept of coding and it is introduced to the game and kept there without any escapes from it. I didn't give it 5 stars because it's not playable for all people and it's not accesible to all.

Donny Rempel

I love this game, it's both challenging and fun. I have a section of my notebook reserved just for notes about this game. It is well made and I enjoy it immensely!

Brown McDermott

Highly challenging the only thing is... I've seemed to have lost my screens hot ability in game? Not sure if that's a fluke or supposed to happen but I figured I would report that to you..... I. Any event the game is highly challenging and I enjoy it very much :)

Tito Nikolaus

good game! i liked the challenges and how many levels were unique from each other. overall, it was a good 6 hours of non-stop playing, can't wait for the updates!

Hazel Moen

Good game, but could you provide a few hints per puzzle so we actually have an idea of what to do? Every puzzle just seems like a blank screen with no instructions, making me having to depend on a walkthrough. I may suck at this game so my point may not be so valid but yeah :p