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Transflo® Mobile+ is a complete trucking solution rolled into one convenient mobile app. It starts with the on-the-go scanning solutions you need with the fastest document delivery available. Plus we’ve added in the features you need like accident and OS&D submission, load review and acceptance, integrated navigation (CoPilot) designed specifically for trucking routes, weigh station bypass technology (Drivewyze), two-way messaging with your fleet or broker and fuel finder perks like myPilot and Love’s Connect.
Our integrated navigation (powered by CoPilot Truck Navigation) works 24 hours a day and is designed specifically for trucks. Our navigation software takes into account the dimensions of each truck (for preventing accidents), driver fuel needs and trucker-friendly rest areas – all while offering users real-time traffic, PC*Miler trusted route options, and full GPS map access even if data signal is lost.
Transflo® Mobile+ is proud to offer the easiest and most advanced weigh station bypass solution in the industry. Powered by Drivewyze, our bypass feature uses geo-fencing technology that notifies drivers when they are within two miles of a designated weigh station. That means no stopping, no wasting time and no unnecessary fees for safe drivers.
For when you do need to weigh, save time with the new Weigh My Truck features (through CAT Scale®) without ever leaving the Transflo® Mobile+ app. This integration allows commercial drivers to weigh their trucks at over 1,800 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.
With Transflo® Mobile+ you’ll get notifications when there are available loads. Just accept or decline them right on your smartphone or tablet! With a simple swipe, drivers can also let their carriers or brokers know which leg of the trip they’re on. We've included the ability to view both destinations on the map and truck stops along the way to better help drivers plan their day.
Transflo® Mobile+ can be used by drivers to send paperwork, and photos for accidents and OS&D, to carriers. We’ll walk you through the process with necessary data input and allow you to take photos or upload existing photos for your accident or OS&D submissions. After submitting documents for accidents or OS&D, a unique confirmation number and email notification is generated allowing images to be viewed for up to 14 days.
Note: Your fleet or broker must be authorized to use Transflo® Mobile+ for you to access these features. Registration follows the same process as Transflo® Mobile+. You will need a Fleet or Broker ID. A Fleet ID can be obtained from your driver manager or office personnel. Carriers will be provided with a Broker ID from an authorized broker or from Pegasus TransTech.
Transflo® Mobile+ supports Driver Hours of Service when using a Transflo® T7 ELD device. With an HOS feature the app will automatically switch a driver to ON DUTY DRIVING mode when detecting a driving pattern (12mph for 5 seconds or more) and back to ON DUTY NOT DRIVING when detecting driving has stopped for at least 5 minutes.
Transflo® image optimization improves legibility even for carbon-copied documents, and documents with light gray text on a color background (blue, yellow, green, pink, etc.)

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Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the TRANSFLO Mobile+ from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of TRANSFLO Mobile+ is You need to have Android 10 and above to install the apk. TRANSFLO Mobile+ made by Pegasus TransTech very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Alford Douglas

Sould give zero stars. When Transflo first came out, it was a decent app. Todays version is S L O W!!! It locks up with complete uncertainty, mostly while \"scanning\" documents. Croping is a HUGE pain. You wait and wait, something finally moves, then you wait again, sometimes never comes back, so, you just accept a half edited doc \u0026 move on. Or, it takes the photo, and, although it looks fine, it says its too blury. I feel sorry for anyone who is forced to use regularly.

Ima Hyatt IV

Every \"update\" to this garbage app makes it worse. Slower, lower quality. Stop \"enhancing\".. It only makes it worse.. How are you not getting this? . STILL Refuses to send perfectly legible scans because app thinks image is out of focus and no way to override and send.

Elenor Christiansen

This is THE worst app I've ever had to deal with. takes Forever to be able to change anything. If I didn't have to have it I Definitely Wouldn't!!!

Hershel Marquardt

It worked fine at first, but then I started getting the following error message: FOREIGN KEY constraint failed (code 787 SQLITE_CONSTRAINT_FOREIGNKEY[787]) Uninstalling and then reinstalling the app resolved the issue.

Dr. Broderick Schumm DVM

This app was a 5***** until about a month ago when it completely stop scanning my Bills and now its useless about to uninstall but to start it was a Great app and did what it says!!

Prof. Kristina Gutmann

well I am experiencing better delivery times lately and I still having camera issues where I have to take pictures before using the app but when using the app with my flash on or off or auto it still continue to say retake out of focus but my pictures work if I upload them it don't matter what device I have it's been happening a lot

Maxwell Ondricka

any apps like this are a joke to ask permission to access your personal contacts \u0026 photos piss on that its none of your business who my contacts are there is no need to see my photo gallery I will uninstall this app after this load \u0026 never reinstall it ever loads that require apps like this generally don't pay the greatest anyways and are used by uptight nervous brokers who can't just pick up a phone

Sabina Skiles

I have a NEW Samsung and every time I try to take a photo it says \"out of focus\" The ZTE phone and older version worked great.

Augusta Ondricka PhD

horrible \"update\".....latest update created constantly out of focus pics (brand new phone) and now keeps crashing. back to old school until you get it fixed so I'm not wasting my time.

Vicenta Blanda

camera function constanly has issues. will claim image is not in focus. wont go away till i either restart phone or try to use a different camera app which cause the scan documents to fail then switch back and it works...