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Transit Now: TTC, MBTA, NextBus (Toronto, Boston)

Download Transit Now: TTC, MBTA, NextBus (Toronto, Boston) apk for free.

Transit Now: TTC, MBTA, NextBus (Toronto, Boston) apk icon

Transit Now: TTC, MBTA, NextBus (Toronto, Boston)

Never miss your bus or streetcar with real-time vehicle tracking. All features 100% free.
Transit Now... Not Later!

⚡ Incredibly fast and simple access to real time bus departures. No more swiping, scrolling, tapping multiple screens. Get on with your life!

⭐ Customize your favourite stops as you wish. Sort and name them with emojis.

? Offline static schedules in case you lose connection (TTC only) in the subway.

⏲️ Set a timer & multitask as the assistant tells you when to catch the bus or get off your stop.

? Service alerts keep you informed of unexpected bus delays, detours, subway closures.

? Share your arrival time with you friends if you're running late or track your friend's status.

⌚ Home screen widget and Wear/Pebble support so you don't even need to open the app.

? Bike share user? Use our dedicated app "Cycle Now." Click here

? Night mode, clean Material Design, offline SMS, TTC operator mode, subway info and so much more. Download now for free and ride the rocket!

Is my city supported?
- ?? TTC ??(Toronto, Ontario)
- ?? MBTA ??(Boston, Massachusetts)
- Jacksonville Transportation Authority, JTA, (Jacksonville, Florida)
- AC Transit (Alameda and Contra Costa, Oakland, California)
- Los Angeles Metro (LA METRO)
- SEPTA (Pennsylvania)
- RTC RIDE, Reno (Nevada)
- ART (Asheville Redefines Transit)
- STL - Société de transport de Laval (Laval, Quebec)
- Brockton (BAT)
- Fairfax - CUE (Virginia)
- Radford Transit
- Chapel Hill Transit
- Fort Worth The T
- Mission Bay
- San Francisco Muni (SF Muni)
- Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority
- and other Nextbus supported agencies.
Visit for a full list

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Transit Now is an app that uses Nextbus for TTC and MBTA real-time tracking, schedules, accurate predictions, arrival times, bus tracking, streetcar tracking. This TTC tracker shows subway, rail, offline maps, navigation, planning info for the TTC. All features 100% free. Try it out now!

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Transit Now: TTC, MBTA, NextBus (Toronto, Boston) from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Transit Now: TTC, MBTA, NextBus (Toronto, Boston) is 2.9.7. You need to have Android 14 and above to install the apk. Transit Now: TTC, MBTA, NextBus (Toronto, Boston) made by Transit Now - Bus & Bike very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Eloise Collier

I really like this app, however, and I don't know if its possible or not to fix, but it unfortunately also gives predictions for Not In Services busses. Which can be super annoying.

Lelah Christiansen IV

this version does not work as well as the older one. it fails to display arrival times when the old one does, so it is not a network problem. glad I didn't delete the previous version.

Jena Grady DVM

Quite accurate on bus times, sometimes 30 sec to 1 min off. Love that it shows all route stops based on your location and gives traffic updates and diversions for the routes.

Jeromy Schmeler

This is only an option. Please be at the stop 5 (minimum)minutes prior to vehicle arrival. Great app so far. keep up the good work.

Melany Parisian V

Ive missed 3 buses on 3 different routes today because of inaccurate time/route information. An hour of extra travel time added to my trips because of missing these buses. This is not the first time Ive had to deal with these types of errors, Im reviewing now because Im frustrated. Whether the inaccuracies are directly part of the app or on TTC's end, either way it's not okay and costs people valuable time and possibly even money, especially when people are trying to get to work on time.

Bo Pacocha II

Excellent, I use this daily. Has only the features you need and not bloated like the other TTC apps.

Isabella Roberts

Generally a good app. Toronto accuracy is, on the whole, pretty good. Main limitation is that if the underlying data isn't accurate, the app isn't as well. This can come up with suburban routes. Some sort of warning about \"data quality\" would be helpful.

Layne Bahringer

Accurate most of the time! Very helpful when its too cold or hot out so you are not waiting too long for the bus.

Alphonso Gislason

the 'nearby' feature freezes sometimes. example, I am in the #23 area, nearby works fine. Move to another area and it still shows the #23 for days. Frustrating.

Daron Thiel

I would give it 5 stars but for some reason the bus that was showing coming in 8-9 minutes just disappears from screen. Not sure it's the app or the TTC fault.