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True Fear: Forsaken Souls I

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True Fear: Forsaken Souls I

Delve into the horror adventure full of mysteries as Holly Stonehouse in Part 1 of the True Fear: Forsaken Souls trilogy.
Find your sister, unravel the secret of mother's death, escape the stalking darkness.
Play the entire first Act for free, try it now!

- Investigate sister's house, return to mother's manor, visit abandoned asylum.
- Use Map for fast traveling.
- Solve more than 20 puzzles.
- Watch over 25 cutscenes.
- Read through hundreds of notes and diaries to fully immerse in the atmosphere of mysteries.
- Experience the true fear and oppressive psychological atmosphere.
- Find 15 hidden character figurines and learn their story.
- Unlock 40 achievements.
- Unlock Bonus Material: puzzles, concept art, secret info.
- Listen to the soundtrack of the highest quality.
- Choose Escape the Room or Hidden Objects scenes.
- Pinch in to see the smallest details.

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Clinton Lowe III

One of the best escape games I've played....awesome! Very well thought out, hints available if you get lost at any point. A guide included for more specifics. The graphics were top notch, and I loved the characters and suspenseful plotline. Just the right amount of puzzles- very unique. You really have to think outside the box......quite challenging and lot's of fun to solve. I was glued to this game for hours and hated to put it down. Can't wait to begin part 2!!

Dr. Angelina Heller

I've been obsessed with horror based mystery hidden object games for years, so I've played a LOT. I've found most HOG mobile games are pretty naff, but I'm blown away by this one. I've finished chapter one and paid for the rest of the game because I'm genuinely enjoying it. The first chapter was almost like a whole game within itself too. Thank you to the creators and team 🖤

Mrs. Queen Hirthe

This game is great! Keeps you interested all the way with the story and it has good twists. The intereactive assistance of the character and the puzzles are great. I liked it so much that for the first time I actually decided to purchase the full version and now I will buy part 2 as well. Great job creators!! Keep up the good work, and thank you for not giving into the adds, it would've not been the same experience.

Russell Keebler

This is an amazing game! Its a very good price for such a long and quality game. Everything about this game is amazing and I can't say enough good stuff about it. And to all you people who think that you should be able to play amazing games for free, you need to realize that developing these games takes years and paying many people yearly salaries so they have to be able to recoup their money and profit somehow. It's really not that difficult to understand. Why is everyone so entitled \u0026 spoiled

Abigayle Robel

This is a fun little game to pass some spare time if you have any. Great for breaks from work. Spooky atmosphere, not too challenging and a tiny story. Graphics are good, cutscenes are well done with voice acting. Could be longer and I would've loved more challenging puzzles but overall a nice experience. Worth the playthrough. Stop being cheap and spend the extra dollars. The money is spent better here rather than your overly priced cup of coffee. And it costs less.

Dr. Glen Balistreri

This is truly one of the best horror games I've played so far. Graphics are amazing! No complains at all ( apart from the sad part that it has to be paid LOL). Absolutely amazing storyline. Keep up the hard work creators.. Loved it.. Thank you 🍁

Alexane Turner

Great puzzle game! so many of these style of games today seem badly written or cheesily animated, but this one is done very well. I usually don't play puzzle games for the story but this one has a great one. Challenging puzzles of many different styles that aren't overly difficult, but there are difficulty settings you can change I believe. And I love the fast travel map that allows you to move quickly through all of the rooms! I've already played the second game and waiting on the third!

Geovanny Ward

I am playing the part that is free but I am going to buy the whole game. The puzzles are great for someone who casually plays hidden object games but you can change the difficulty at the begining of the game. The graphics are good and I am liking the story.

Jannie Wisoky

Creepy locations, eerie music and a compelling story. This is by far the best horror game I've played on my phone. Love how it's old school point and click with hidden object puzzles! The only issue was the jewelry box mini game in the kitchen. I found myself rapidly tapping my phone and failing her arms everywhere trying to put them in the right spot. But other then that everything works beautifully. Definite must play for horror lovers! $4.99 for the full game, but it's worth it.

Jeanie Armstrong

Fun. A great time waster and worth the money for extra levels. Edit: I had to drop it to 4 stars. I think you have a bug in the bonus chapter with the email puzzle. Once i start it i cannot get out of it. I have uninstall and reinstall the game, solved it but still stuck in the computer, even started a new profile and got stuck in the same spot. Even the skip option doesnt load so I can move on.