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A classic puzzle game that has stood the test of time!

Improve your cognitive & problem-solving skills with Unblock Me. The game is tiny in size but mighty in puzzles. Exercise your brain with over 18,000 puzzles. Choose from 4 challenging modes; Relax, Challenge, Multiplayer or Daily. A family-friendly game; suitable for all ages.

Available for all Android phones and tablets!

★ 2012 - ranked 17th amongst the most downloaded apps of all time in the USA
★ 2013 - ranked in the top 25 of ‘All-Time Free Apps’ (Global)
★ 2015 - downloaded 100,000,000 times worldwide and was also a top SEA publisher
★ Since 2016 - Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store
★ 2018 - 160+ million downloads (and counting)

Please note:
No Connection, No Worries!
Unblock Me Free can be played both ONLINE and OFFLINE. The game progress will sync as soon as the device is online again.

Are you looking for a huge fun under 20MB?
Unblock Me Free 12.8 MB

• Unblock Me Free VS Unblock Me Premium
Unblock Me Free is a free game with in-game advertising. Unblock Me Premium is the paid version of Unblock Me with ad-free gameplay.

• Syncing Game Progress Data between Unblock Me Free VS Unblock Me Premium
Unfortunately, transferring between Unblock Me Free VS Unblock Me Premium is NOT yet available. We are working on it!

• Hints Transfer
Transferring hints between devices/platforms is NOT available.

• Sync Game Progress Data
Unfortunately, syncing game progress data across platforms (iOS/Android) is NOT available.

★Ready to unblock the blocked?★
Move the wooden blocks to create a path for the Red block to get it off the board.

➢ Relax Mode- Sit Back & Relax. No Pressure. Enjoy the game anytime & anywhere
➢ Challenge Mode - Beat the best move. Make the fewest moves as possible.
➢ Daily Puzzle Mode - Challenge yourself with Blocks that can’t be moved & New Exits
➢ Multiplayer Mode - See if you could beat others - friends, family members, colleagues or even your Boss!

• Over 18,000 puzzles
• Relax Mode I Challenge Mode I Daily Puzzle Mode I Multiplayer Mode
• Puzzle Packs - Starter I Beginner I Intermediate I Advanced I Expert I Original
• Family-Friendly; Keep your Family Happy
• Easy Game Tutorials
• Daily Rewards - Free Hints!
• Free Themes - Seasonal Themes I Festive Themes I

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Editor's Note

Purely designed Unblock Me FREE has made by Kiragames Co., Ltd.. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 15 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 12M you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Unblock Me FREE got its last update on April 25, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Ms. Elsie Douglas

i normally like this game for those times when you are waiting in line or just need to kill some time. And I thought for such a simple game the file was kinda big. Then I tried to play, it and was stopped in between every level with a bunch of ads! unistalling it.

Jeremy Jerde

2 to 5 minutes between moves. waste of time. way too many ads... Used to be a good app...

Mrs. Amelie Okuneva

I love this app, I have completed 2,450 puzzles now, and I'm not even through a quarter of how many there are. I don't play many phone games, but this is an exception. Unblock Me has outlasted 2 or 3 of my phones so far, and I've enjoyed this app for around 3 to 4 years or so. Definitely have no complaints, there are occasional ads, but most of them can be closed immediately, or if there's a 30 second ad, there is a skip option that comes up after about 5 to 10 seconds. Would r8 higher if I could

Judy Jacobson

Been playing this game since it came out. So simple, so many levels, multiplayer is a thing now, still being updated--one of my favorite apps of all time. Honestly one of the last few fun, free apps that don't clobber you with ads or try to slurp your money with microtransactions.

Jaleel Hudson

The actual game is great, I enjoy playing. But the experience is totally ruined by the 30 second adverts that play every 5 games. A shame. It never used to be like this... While I agree a free game has to make money somehow, this is excessive.

Prof. Archibald Douglas II

too many adds. they are timed to pop up right after you start a level so when you are about to touch the screen to play, the full screen add pops up and you click it when you didnt mean to.

Tressie Toy

I like the game a lot a spend a lot of time on it, I don't wanna be on the most critical review but once I downloaded it I opened it it said unblock me free has unfortunately stopped and opened it again 10 more times but did the same thing.

Mr. Enos Glover PhD

One of the best unblock puzzle games out there. doesn't take up too much storage space, very light on the phone, a few ads but its okay.

Hyman Reichert

love the game, but... it IS a great little time waster... for me it's usually pretty calming BUT...you (the developers) need to put an exit button in that will back up all current progress. I've had to replace my phone twice in the last year and I've lost [literally] HUNDREDS of games of progress! this last time I was up over 1800, then when I had to replace my phone I ended up back just over 1200. that's the only reason I gave it 3 instead of 5 stars.

Ms. Lauriane Larson

I would definitely recommend this game for you to download if you want to challenge your brain! one flaw is the levels could be harder or you could have game modes