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Unicorn Sugar Cookies

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Unicorn Sugar Cookies

Smell the potential you might get from this cooking game and prove that you can be a great baker and even a better designer for sugar cookies. Encounter the challenges with open arms and find out what surprises might be around the corner. There are so many things you could learn from this game and besides the actual baking, you will also have to be a responsible food provider that knows how to decorate his treats. Your first task will be to go to the food store where you must find the items from the list. Try to purchase the needed ingredients and run back to the kitchen where the baking awaits. Step by step follow the instructions and add one by one the ingredients. Use the big bowl to put in the cheese that will be mixed with the rest. Make a smooth composition, add the eggs, then the flour and the sugar. Once the mixture is kneaded by hand you will place it in the tray. Use the unicorn shapes into the cookie dough and have them cut. Place the tray in the oven and get the cookies roasted. Next comes the decorating part. Here you will be using more than one detail to assemble a delicious treat. Make the unicorn cookie look alive and make delicious customization for it.

You can find them in a section of this baking game, but you can also spot them here:
- Free and really easy to play because of the guidance along the game
- Interesting gameplay and story
- Cool experience to gain
- New abilities to develop and the possibility to learn how to bake and decorate
- Simply tasks to execute
- Become a good baker and try new designs
- Delicious cookies to prepare
- Cheerful background sounds along with a nice interface

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I love it it's not mean it's a good thing to play

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