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UrbanClap Beauty & Home Services

UrbanClap is India's largest home service app. Through the app, you can order reliable home services - everything from a beautician to a make-up artist, plumber to a cleaner, yoga trainer to an interior designer etc. Our list of services is given below -

Beauty and Wellness: Salon at home, Spa at Home, Party Make-up, Bridal Makeup

Health at Home: Yoga Trainers, Fitness Trainers, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists

Repairs: Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, AC repair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator Repair, RO or Water Purifier Repair, Microwave Repair, Geyser Repair, Chimney and Hob Repair, Air Cooler Repair, Inverter Repair, Mobile Repair, Laptop Repair, Tablet Repair etc.

Cleaning and Pest Control: Home Deep Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Car Cleaning, Pest Control

Home Projects: Interior Designers, Home Painters, General Contractors, Architects, Packers and Movers

Other Services: Tutors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Photographers, Party Planners, Tax consultant etc

Privacy Policy: https://www.urbanclap.com/privacy-policy

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the UrbanClap Beauty & Home Services from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of UrbanClap Beauty & Home Services is 7.0.08. You need to have Android 18 and above to install the apk. UrbanClap Beauty & Home Services made by UrbanClap very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Wanda Hane

First instance - no one turns up. Promised personal follow up for rescheduled appointment. Now its an entire day past the appointment time, and no response despite multiple callback requests by me. Bunch of crooks stealing my money. Update - 3 times it took to get one car cleaning done (if you dont have ability to service, why commit). Worst part - I gave you another chance with a second car and same result. Cancelled saying we dont have anyone available. End of Urbanclap story for me.

Eldora Bernier

Worst customer service ever by UrbanClap. 30 days warranty is a joke. if you raise the complain, forget about the resolution they don't even reply to you. I spent Rs. 3000 to resolve cooling problem of my AC but nothing has resolved. problem is still there. I have registered complaints many times in the warranty period but i didnt get a single email/call back. This is really pathetic.

Polly Schumm

Urban clap is not providing good service and charging extra. Always i had a very bad experience whenever I use their services. they commit timing of cleaning professional but they always delay by 4 hours service. From morning i am waiting for the cleaner service. they charge extra for friday service then delay in delivering. After 7pm they asked me to reschedule for tomorrow. this is so unacceptable. i wasted my full day. Please think before booking through this company. kindly use other apps.

Prof. Gerry Thiel

Use urbanclap at ur own risk, here I have a ac technician come to my house to threaten me of dire consequenses if I did not change the negative rating I gave him, he threatened me on my phone of getting me arrested and I have been trying to contact the urban clap people but no one's bothered. Only response I get is my case has been escalated and I will get a callback, and I am not talking about what happenned when service was provided, that is a story in itself. I had to file a police complaint

Yazmin Glover DDS

never book any service. they only charge money but no service. zero rating. i wasted my rs.400. i took a membership which is of no use. and paid rs.99 to the useless plumber. he is being so rude. i could hear him saying where and all people call us see. this he was telling without disconnecting the call. he comes and says i dint get the drilling machine. i had a laundry board to be fixed on the bathroom wall. he says this is not his job. i must call the carpenter for the same. zero rating

Maeve Kemmer

you guys cancelled my appointment without informing and I'm following up with you for my refund. my appt was cancelled on Apr 20th and I've still not got my refund. I'm going on following up asked for a call back but you guys are not responding to either my mail or other forms of contact. and suddenly you've sent me a msg saying my complaint has been resolved! seriously? writing a negative review on playstore is the only way i can get your attention and warn others too.

Carlie Waelchi II

Damn Expensive ! So far i have booked around 4-5 services of plumber from Urban Clap and believe me on an average I ended up paying 400-700 Rs. everytime. Urban Clap would charge 200 Rs per half a hour. The plumber would come and tell you that the part needs to be replaced. You have two options: First, pause the service pay Rs 100 as waiting charge and buy that part from local shop. Second, the plumber would say that he already brought that part with him (but he would charge you twice the market price). Both the ways you are screwed. Yo will end up paying 400-500 Rs compared to Rs100-200 to a local plumbing guy.

Leilani Schaefer MD

We booked a mover and packer through Urban Clap.The packer,Adhunik Packers and Movers had excellent reviews on Urban Clap and hence we went ahead with the booking. To our absolute horror our household items(TV,fridge,wooden chair, mahogany wood coffee table,double bed,multiple kitchen items,puja cabinet and each and every photo frame) was badly broken. We will have to settle for pittance as insurance money because that amount is calculated on depreciated value of goods. In the meanwhile Adhunik Packers continue with business as usual and will probably manage to cheat a few more gullible customers into believing their ratings on Urban Clap. Both Urbanclap and Adhunik have been served a legal notice by us yesterday for the extensive loss and mental harassment caused to us and we will fight this out. Urbanclap you cannot just host a service provider on your platform and wash your hands off. We hired this inefficient packer and mover through Urbanclap and you continue to host them on your app.Infact they still have a 4+ rating when your team is fully aware with evidence of the damage caused to us. Very irresponsible!

Prof. Domingo Schaefer

horrible is one word. I booked an appointment and the lady didn't show up. No calls, no rescheduling, no cancellation, no explanation and no response even after a freaking week!! They took an advance payment too just incase i didn't hold up my end of the bargain. What about when they don't hold up their end? They even had the audacity to intimate that I cancelled the appointment. Despicable service and horrible customer care.

Dr. Gordon Adams

Pathetic and Worst service. I booked my Air Conditioner service for 6 PM, the technician calls at 4.15pm to check if he can come now, post informing him No, come by 6, there is no update till 7 PM. when I called back, I get all possible excuses, what concerns me is he does not have much address or phone number, why did I spend so much time in registration. I have asked for refund, i just hope this does not take as long as the service provided.