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V Bucks & Skins Free V.2.0 2019

Download V Bucks & Skins Free V.2.0 2019 apk for free.

V Bucks & Skins Free V.2.0 2019 apk icon

V Bucks & Skins Free V.2.0 2019

Do you want to get yourself the coolest skins? Would you like to have enough V Bucks? Download the application V Bucks & Skins free V. 2.0 2019 .
This app will provide you with the way to get V Bucks, Skins or Emotes, and also the current and upcoming items in the store that are updated daily in the Battle Royale. Also you will be able check your stats and other user stats .

Are you tired of losing in Battle Royale games?

Say no to the defeat! Prepare to beat your opponents with this help... Learn the best tricks and get more V-Bucks easily. Unlock them to learn how to improve your gaming faster.

If you play battle royale with your friends, try our application to get items from the store and see which are the upcomming items.
You can get free skins every day and brag about it with your friends.


- For all platforms ps4, xbox, pc, android.
- Easy to use, with only your nickname.
- 100 % safe.
- We manage the access of the beta tester in the users so that they can download the skins for free.

? Character skins + Beak skin + Backpack skin + Paragliding skin + Fortnite Dance + Any Emote
Even a LEGENDARY skin! ?

Very easy to use, just complete simple tasks to unlock the skins and then they will be added to your game account in the battle royale.

You may be one of the few users who take advantage of access to beta testing to get battle royale skins.

You will be able to get the new skins, from current and previous seasons, before anyone else. If you can buy them with vbucks in the store, then you can download it using our system.


- Unlimited use

- User game stats.

- Get the items available in the store.

- Upcomming items.

- How to get Uncommon skins, Rare Skins, Epic Skins, Legendary Skins, Emotes and v bucks for free with the easiest tips.

- In this app, you can find out more free

What’s this application for?

● See your Fortnite stats anytime you want.
● To get skins from the articles store every day and see the upcomming items.
● You can get as many skins as you want..
● For Gamers that play Fortnite in Battle Royale Mode.

What will awaits you:

● Easy to user and simple application.
● 100% secure. We do not ask for passwords, with your user name is enough.


● This is not an application to hack or manipulate the real Fortnite game!
● You cannot transfer skins or other values from this application to Fortnite!
● This is a joke request.


This content is not affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or specifically approved by Epic Games. Epic Game is not responsible for this. For more information, visit the Content Policy: https://goldrevoltroyale.blogspot.com/p/privacy-policy.html

The app icon, screenshots and all content inside this app are Creative Commons licensed (CC-BY-SA) and the license details for all of these assets can be found on Fandom’s licensing page: http://www.wikia.com/Licensing. As an official Fandom app, this app fully complies with the CC-BY-SA terms set forth on that page.

All Fandom content and the contents of this app were uploaded by users and are governed by Fandom’s Terms of Use (http://www.wikia.com/Terms_of_Use). We have a team dedicated to enforcing our terms of use, including responding to DMCA takedown notices. For more information please see our DMCA takedown policy:http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:DMCA_takedown_notice

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the V Bucks & Skins Free V.2.0 2019 from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of V Bucks & Skins Free V.2.0 2019 is 1.0. You need to have Android 15 and above to install the apk. V Bucks & Skins Free V.2.0 2019 made by Gold Revolt Royale very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Carmela Jast

I'm just happy that there was no extreme human verification... though it didnt work...

Buford Hudson


Prof. Cornell Collins

this is the best app ever i hope you guy make it more beter becouse i dont want to be instalinf apps every time i am just saying but it is your disition

Prof. Kirsten Olson PhD

Idk Im scared to try it! Idk if it wilo get me banned

Marion Mann

I don't like it don't work. but if you want gun for. save look at magical gamer he has a site were you buy guns for a few cents

Ansel Gottlieb

Well It says that it was last updated 1970 maybe a glitch contact me pls

Gaylord Pacocha

it only works on PC I have an xbox it wouldn't recognize my user name I gave Tfue and Ninja free v bucks

Xander Sanford

It works i got it but please make it come in faster thank you so much for your understanding bye have a great day

Irving Herzog PhD

its amazing??????☺?????so coooooooooooooooooooooooooool it works other apps don't work this is the only app that works

Jeffry Blick

it dosent work i put my username but it don't work its so stupid this app is a scam