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Vertigo Racing

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Vertigo Racing

★ Drive as fast as you can but don’t fall off the road!
★ Win all 100 cups and become champion!

Collect classic cars, upgrade and paint them, drive to win 100 cups - but stay on the road!

★ Collect 10 vintage cars with different handling.
★ Drive in 10 beautiful levels, through snow, ice, dust, mountains and hills.
★ Paint your cars in different colors.
★ Listen to fantastic rock’n’roll and surf-rock music.

No Ads!

The game can save your progress in the cloud (into your Google Play account).

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Vertigo Racing. Vertigo Racing is developed by Deep Byte Studios and it has very stable version which is 1.0.4. Vertigo Racing works with all the android devices if the device is Android 15 and above. We always provide you Vertigo Racing apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Mohammed Kulas

I have some suggestions. I love this game! Zero ads! But! Please, please, please, Deep Byte. I may have some suggestions. ✓ Season 2. New vehicles. New Maps. New and returning players can play Season 1. ✓ New Challenges ✓ Rare Gas Stations what gives in-game bonus ✓ Ghost mode, which allows you to race yourself ✓ Race car tracks ✓ One handed mode (where you can just use the brake) players with mobility issues.

Reece Legros II

Quite a fun game once you figure out the controls a bit. Sure, there are a some challenges to overcome to get all the medals, but it wouldn't be such a great time filler if it was any easier. If I could make one suggestion... it would be nice if the Personal Best markers for each race were geared to each individual car. This would make the game a lot more interesting while doing the pointless races to unlock cars and courses. Great game.

Izabella Williamson

Love the concept! Cars look awesome, at first felt kinda weird because there is no steering option, suppose to use only gas and brake. But surprisingly quite fun! Sometimes there is google play connection issue but no biggie.. Also i really like the music, especially the first one on the mediterana level. Any way to find song? Good job guys, thanks

Elvis Ondricka

Giving a low rating, the game itself looks good, graphics are good, level design looks ok. Problem I have is every time I pick up a can of fuel, my game pauses and asks \"do you want to play full screen\"? or you need to download the latest version of Google play? is very frustrating. Cant enjoy a game like this so ive uninstalled. Sorry devs. Really wanted to enjoy this one!

Jeffery Roob

best car game hands down (or better still feet down!) really well thought out and stupidly addictive gameplay! absolutely love it! Fantastic job developers, a lot of care gone into this \u0026 even I've only just begun, no adverts \u0026 not pestering me for money which is a major plus in my book. Games that allow YOU to decide if you CHOOSE to spend money go along way whilst still allowing gameplay if you don't. Highly recommended

Willie Hermiston

this game has style. the music is great. the cars are fun. just lacking a few upgrades i really injoy in these kinds of games. its just person prefrence. of it wasnt for that i would give 5 stars. this game is worth spending a few bucks on in game upgrades. just cause its that fun.

Darwin Dicki

Incredibly fun and addicting. Vert simple gameplay, and works perfectly. My only problem is that the colors on my cars were incredible, and all of the sudden i opened the app, and they changed to horribly dull and ugly blurred colors. Is this a bug? I'd love to see them back to their original beautiful state in which I actually want to pain them to my liking.

Darren Ritchie

Fantastic game ? Simple concept for the mechanics is surprisingly effective and creates precise, skillful, fun gameplay, especially as you get the feel for each car and the ghost steering system. Tracks are diverse and challenging. Music even pretty good. Trophy and stat progression is addictive.

Prof. Clovis Heller

This app is just the right amount of challenging, enough to keep things interesting without being frustrating. What's frustrating, however, is that there's no indication of how far the mission has gone. Distance is measured in metres, while the objective is in kilometre, so you just keep driving and driving without knowing how close you've come to the cup. It would be better it the developer, made it so the trophy icon would get slowly get filled up with distance, getting full when you arrive.

Abdiel Lowe

Good game, but rip off progression. Gameplay is fun, early game is challenging and enjoyable with a good rate of unlocks. Get a few cars/tracks through the game however and it is just grind grind grind. No fun to progress anymore. Need 48.5k coins for next track or car, got 9k and no challenges or trophies left to get so only way to get coins is drive tracks at 1.5k a time... Dull Or of course pay, which will cost a fortune to get the rest of the cars/tracks.

  • Author
    Deep Byte Studios
  • Publish date
    Apr. 15, 2019
  • Latest version
  • Requirements
    Android 15 and above
  • File Size
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