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Roll Dice. Win Tickets. Get Real Stuff.

It really is that simple.

Tap and hold the button to roll your dice. Whatever you roll, you win in tickets. Redeem your tickets for brand new electronics, gadgets, and more. It's like real life arcades!

Face it. You're going to spend (waste) time playing games anyway, right? Might as well get some cool stuff while doing it!

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the verydice from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of verydice is 1.5.0. You need to have Android 21 and above to install the apk. verydice made by SquareTwo Inc very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Pattie Barrows

so far i love this app. have put a little bit of money into it. my friend recomended it to me and ibe been playing for about 6 months now. i havent redeemed anything yet. the only priblem i have with this app is that it sometimes doesnt give me all of my tickets i earned rhe day before for some reason. i spend at least an hour a day on here doing surveys, watching videos and actually playing the game.

Carmel Williamson

love this app its fun but can we please LOWER ticket cost! i play this so much and i just now broke 2,000 tickets! and only redeemed 1 thing which was a bathtub net to hold my sons toys in months ago 😅 and can we at least let your friends be able to send you some tickets that be so cool!

Westley Will IV

since I can't get a response any other way I'll try This! since the tournaments got put in the app I went from a jackpot every day to one a week. the same 10 people with the tournaments and it is completely unfair and now I have to suffer with taking a month to get 10,000 tickets when it used to only take a week or so. if this doesn't get fixed I will no longer use the app and uninstall it. I want a personalised response not a contact our support team because I have since the new update!!!!

Alexanne Abernathy

When I first got it, it started out okay but the longer I hav it the less doubles or high #s I get. Ik wut rigged looks like. Its started to feel like a waste of my time. This is time I'd rather be spending w/ my son, however, I was under the illusion I cud get things for my child. Looks like another fake ploy to get ppl hooked on the app.

Zion Stark

I love this game is so awesome. update: starting to get very bored with the game I don't play it no where near like I use too. Takes forever to get rolls so you give up bc your bored. than u put in raffles and I have never won and I was doing it every single day. not anymore. I barely even play the game now..

Nova Christiansen Jr.

at first I didn't like the newer updates and I still prefer being able to do 1 jackpot everyday. and after 10 days/jackpots in a row win 10,000 tickets. the new mechanics make you use alot of rolls to win due to competing with others to win the tournaments. but even if you dont win you get your tickets for each roll and jackpot you won. I already won 1 tournament odo I didnt place hi I won some tournament tickets so it's real you can place top 10 in tournaments.

Kylie Stoltenberg V

love it for the most part. i slowed down playing since i have to watch ads to get my free rolls, didnt mind watching them for additional rolls but ill put $ in to play once in awhile... it gets me free stuff when i dont pay to play just takes longer to win points. totally worth it to play! I get stuff shipped straight from Amazon!

Ludwig Upton

good app. but you should stop with all your updates. like 1 update a week is crazy. all it does is make the app crash all the time. like now, why can't we log in. do something about it. yes,we get free stuff from this but I am sure you get way way more than what we get from us playing your app.

Irving Thiel

would give this no stars if I could. this used to be a good game a year ago but they raised all the prices of there prizes, half the stuff ships from overseas and there's a 20% chance that you'll receive it. the surveys screw you out of points as so does the basketball game you can play when you get doubles. and every time I complained about it I either get no answer or I get the runaround and get nowhere. I know it's a free game but I don't like wasting my time. DON'T BOTHER WASTING YOUR TIME

Tina Rogahn

I have been playing this game for a good while and I recently started redeeming my tickets and I paid 6k or 8k tickets for an item that I never received. I called the phone number on the app after sending several emails to the email on the app and receiving no responses and I got to a dead end someone from Amazon answered and they told me my account was a prime account that wasn't even under my name, I went to the post office and they didn't know what I was talking about I don't know what to do.