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VesselFinder Free

This is the FREE version of the most popular vessel tracking app, providing real-time data on the positions and movements of vessels, utilising a large network of terrestrial AIS receivers. VesselFinder Free aims to reveal the comprehensive picture of the global AIS coverage that VesselFinder Pro will provide.

VesselFinder Free features include:
- Real time positions of over 100,000 ships every day
- Ship search by Name, IMO number or MMSI number
- Ship details - name, flag, type, IMO, MMSI, destination, ETA, draught, course, speed, gross tonnage, year of built, size
- Ship photos contributed by VesselFinder users
- Ship movement history - follow the track of each vessel for the past 24 hours
- Filter vessels on map according to their type
- My Views - save favourite views of the map, so you can easily navigate to them

If you want more features, buy VesselFinder Pro and get:
- Add your favourite vessels to "My Fleet," which is synchronized with "My Fleet" on
- Ship movement history - follow the track of each vessel for the past 7 days
- Detailed ship movement history
- No ads

Coverage - near-shore coverage, same as the web-based application

If you experience any problem with the App, please fill this form to contact us instead of writing a review here. We will do our best to solve it. Thanks!

Visibility of vessels in the App depends on AIS signal availability. If a particular vessel is out of our AIS coverage zone, VesselFinder displays her last reported position and updates it as soon as the vessel comes into range. Completeness and accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed.

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Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the VesselFinder Free from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of VesselFinder Free is 3.27. You need to have Android 19 and above to install the apk. VesselFinder Free made by VT Explorer Ltd very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Jillian Christiansen

The first week was fine, then Vessel Finder just stopped showing all the ships coming through the straights I live on. Maybe one ship or two that powered through the night before, and then just stopped. Glad I'm not paying.

Miss Sharon Yundt V

I find this site updates often. It is usually accurate. I really enjoy it. Informative and economical. I cant afford much. Being a free site is awesome for me! My father was chief of lock operations \u0026 maintenance at Eisenhower \u0026 Snell Locks in Massena, NY for many years. I love following the ships. Thank you for bettering my experience! ⚓

Ottis Hahn

there is no gps locator on this, but it does seem to remember the last location. there is another app with this exact name making it confusing at times. if it can't find a ship it says - satellite position and nothing more. it seems to happen to ships inland and in the middle of the ocean. more often than not however, it can't seem to find anything about the main ships out in the ocean. it makes it really frustrating to use.

Aletha Senger

Not bad. No way to determine a ships destination. No explanation of the letters denoting the destination of any ship.

Sigurd Predovic III

Inconsistent information displayed : I'm tracking 2 ships that are travelling together. When I do a search for one, the second one doesn't appear on the map (they are 5-10 miles apart) and when I search the second one, the first one disappear from the map (1min between the 2 search). Also other ships around don't have the same position between the 2 search... Happy to review my rating when this is fixed or explained

Willy Jones Jr.

Very disappointing. Vessel Finder used to be very useful, but now 90% of the ships you tap on simply pop up a satellite subscription promotional that they want you to subscribe to. Not worth your money or time anymore. Find another app.

Caterina Krajcik

Lacking the ability to show your own location on the map, making it a bit difficult to gauge which ship you are looking at.

Madilyn Gorczany DDS

The app keeps crashing! It never used to, was always reliable! It is unusable, and looking at many of the comments, I'm not alone and there doesn't seem to be any acknowledgment from the developers. Time to look for another app.

Lavada West

i miss a self locator feature to make easier to locate other ships and maybe a distance to targets as well.

Prof. Fermin Will

no longer displaying valid AIS information . live movements are not working . shame. it was working so well