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Vivitar Smart Home Security

Download Vivitar Smart Home Security apk for free.

Vivitar Smart Home Security apk icon

Vivitar Smart Home Security

The Vivitar Smart Home Security allows you to easily connect and control your lighting, indoor and outdoor IP cameras, electric outlets and more via any mobile device from anywhere.

With Vivitar Smart Home Security, you can see what is going on in and outside your home 24/7. Get automatic alerts from your IP Cameras on motion and sound detection events. Set on/off schedules for each smart light bulb or outlet and more.

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Vivitar Smart Home Security from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Vivitar Smart Home Security is 1.0.150. You need to have Android 19 and above to install the apk. Vivitar Smart Home Security made by Sakar International, Inc. very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Alexandra Moen

Really I don't know why too many people reviewing negatively this app and what kind of Mobils they are using, I am using this one for few months now without any problem. I have 2 suggestions if you can do it ,first I prefer to be able to OFF and ON the camera through the app. Secondly make the connection of the camera to Wi-Fi and the power silent without these big noise , and ability to turn the blue light off for more privacy

Colt Witting

I hope the developer is monitoring this. I have vivitar 113 camera. issues: * Frequency keeps reverting back to 50 hz. * You can't change the sensitivity for the motion or the sound - Always set to high, which is too high * No way to delete events from the SD card (except to format the card or remove the card and delete them using a PC) * I do not see an option to upgrade the firmware * SDCard recording option does nothing, thus you can't set it up to overwrite etc.

Dr. Tate Steuber

buy vivitar smart products with caution. only buy if you are able to return. I've had mostly no problems with my cameras, bulbs, and power strip on two of my Android phones. However, sharing these devices with another user was another story. We only had problem after problem. Products would disappear, unsync, etc. For me, there is occasional glitch but easy enough to work around. Good luck if you buy a vivitar product. Probably only buy if a very very good deal, otherwise buy a different brand.

Ignatius Kunze I

unless you pay the monthly cloud few. you won't be able to view or play back any motion detection. Had some some package go missing from front porch where camera views. go back under SD card day and time it happened and not there. look under cloud and what do you know it has the motion as detected for that day and time. again gotta pay to use actual features. useless.

Eric Goldner

App keeps saying camera is off. will not reconnect or restart. but the camera is on the lights change with movement and sound at one point I forced stopped the app and reopened it and it showed the camera was on like it was to begin with so I tried that again no luck. still cannot get app to reconnect with app or be controlled thru all app.

Dr. Bartholome Sporer

I'm willing to change my rating however since I've had this camera it will not log on to the Wi-Fi or be recognized at all. It does not work and therefore is waste of money it's junk.

Kyra Pacocha

So far the system is working, better then the baby monitors i have. It was pretty easy to set up to my android phone. The picture is pretty clear, can see almost the whole room. im pretty content with it so far, i hope it keeps working, super easy for someone who has never used something like this. The monthly subscribtion is cheap too, only $6, records for 7 days to a cloud. If it stops working or gets buggy, i will update this post. love it so far!

Wayne VonRueden

love this app and the cameras but wish they were easier to link up. makes no sense why it takes 25 times to find the camera on wifi but once you lock in it's great. I wod love to be a le to make a small window on my phone or atleast a split screen but it wont allow it. I still give thumbs up though

Bret Goyette

$30 Camera IPc 113 Has Clear Audio/Video Functionality Is Great Older Device Only Works On 2.4ghz Wi-Fi ...Reliable Now For 2 Years.

Brown Davis

keeps force closing, tech support was quick to just blame the customer and was no help to resolve the issue. i also think the guy who was helping me put the phone down when i asked for a manager and just picked it back up and pretended to be a manager. Never recommend to anyone with real concerns about products purchased from the same company quick to be closed minded about real issues claiming that it worked just fine on their phones.