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Wild Wolf Quest Online

Welcome to the Wild Wolf Quest Online! Live a life of the fantastic wolf pack! Explore the fantastic surroundings, hunt different animals to feed your wolf family and carry them to your lair! Fight with other players to become the real king of these places or cooperate with them to create huge pack and battle with other wolves!

Roam about the beautiful forests and green plains and become the real terror for the other players! Destroy other players’ lairs, fight with different animals or make friends with them and eat unlucky herbivores to survive! Make your own pack of wolves! Raise your little descendants, protect them from the monsters and let all your wolf dreams come true!

Don’t forget to mind your energy, health and hunger stats – if they drop your chances to live long and prosper as the terrifying monster will drop too! Complete various exploring and battling missions to magnify your power and level up in Wild Wolf Quest Online!

Become the most dangerous and terrifying beast in this forest! Use your sharp fangs and claws to tear your prey apart and don’t forget that there are a lot of horrible creatures willing to kill everybody like you! Wolves are so exciting that almost everyone would like to be like them!

Earn points for various exciting contests and upgrade your wolf skills! Choose the name of your wolf and customize it as you wish! Do your best and fight all other players in Wild Wolf Quest Online!

Wild Wolf Quest Online features:
• Realistic wolf survival simulator
• Different missions with cruel enemies
• Various colorful wolves
• Exciting chance to live a life of a whole wolf pack

Being a wolf and controlling the whole pack is not fantasy anymore – it’s reality! Multiplayer mode would be added soon for your pleasure! Choose your wolf and enjoy this colorful world in Wild Wolf Quest Online!

Privacy policy: https://haleenwasadi.wixsite.com/wildanimalslife/single-post/2017/02/16/WILD-ANIMALS-LIFE-PRIVACY-POLICY

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Wild Wolf Quest Online. Wild Wolf Quest Online is developed by Wild Animals Life and it has very stable version which is 1.3.0. Wild Wolf Quest Online works with all the android devices if the device is Android 19 and above. We always provide you Wild Wolf Quest Online apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Miss Sonia Walsh

You kept doing things over and over and over again. You never really \nleveled up or made a pack. Multi player is needed and you even show its \nthere and provided when it really isn't. Graphics went bad but you die way \nto easily and way to quickly.

Hortense Cartwright

Its a good game, it just has way to many adds, the longer I played the more frequent the adds came. It kept kicking me off of the game. If the bugs get fixed I would definitely try it again

Connor Rempel

I love this app it is amazing and I love Wolf's so much it is my ssole animal and spiret animal and not to the wolf Hater's u all are dumb to think wolfs are just living things no they are dutiful and migestical creachers and I think it is dumb to make wolfs eligal to have as pets TJEY ARE BUTIFUL MIGESTICAL ANIMALS wolf lovers for life

Prof. Althea Reichel

This game sucks it's so bad I want to mate with other ppl like REAL ppl and have pups with them and u need to show us where the food is cuz wolves can smell very well so change everything

Clemens O'Keefe

The controles are dumb u cant look around without using the thomb pad and once u fall in the river there is no way u can get out. Wouldnt recomend playing this it is a waist of storage and time to download

Kaela Stokes

This game sucks!!!! Y say it's multiplayer when it's in a further update? I'm giving it 2 stars bc the controls suck and so does the game, and when multiplayer comes out, make it to where u can have pups on multiplayer with other players and make packs and stuff

Ms. Araceli Klein Sr.

This game is so HARD BORING AND THE RUN CICLE IS SO FLIPING DERPY and it says its online BUT YOU HAVE TO FUDGING WAIT FOR AN UPDATE!!?? I hate this game

Cathy Cassin

I HATE this game. Terrible graphics. Would not recommend this.

Prof. Deontae Runte

I like the game, but i dont like how everytime you die you have to start from the beggining

Efren Kreiger

This game sucks I mean. I got a wolf in ma group and I disoperd I don't think this is a good game gust saying I hate it.