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** 2019 Google Play Award Winner - Social Impact **
** World’s Most Innovative Company - Fastcompany 2019 **

(You must be at least 17 years old to use this app)

Wisdo is a guide for life, where you can find and connect to people who have been there.
Share your unique journey, discover people who have walked your path and find out what you’re missing about the things that matter to you. From body positivity to anxiety or motherhood, with Wisdo you are never alone. And the road ahead is always clearer.

1. Share Your Unique Story
Your personal profile will tell others what you have been through. The more you share, the more helpful people you can bond with

2. Connect to People Just Like You
Discover people you can benefit from connecting to based on shared experiences

3. Chat and Help Others
Have private conversations with people you can learn from or guide

4. Meet friends for life
Explore more life experiences and people who have gone through them

Life is better when we’re connected.

Wisdo is an app for those 17 and older.
If you are underage, you will be asked to leave.

Groups on Wisdo include:

- Anxiety
- Coping with Depression
- Body Positive!
- Getting Motivated
- Going Green
- LGTBQ+ Groups
- Relationship Advice
- Heartbreak
- Anxiety
- Motherhood
- Bipolar Disorder
- College
- Finding your Dream Job
- Building Self Esteem
- Mindfulness
- Sexual Assault
- Increasing Happiness
- Chronic Pain
- Caregiving
- Reducing Stress
- Improving Sleep
- Learning to Meditate
- Eating Disorders
- Coping with Loss
- Coping with Bullying
- Acne
- Headaches and Migraines
- Going Vegan
- Coping with Addiction
- Relocation
- Pregnancy
- Pregnancy Loss
- Schizophrenia
- Depersonalization
- Loneliness
- Racism
- Infertility
- Genetic Testing for Adoptees
- Epilepsy and Seizures
- Becoming an Activist
- And hundreds more!

Editor's Note

Purely designed Wisdo has made by Wisdo LTD.. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 23 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 12MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Wisdo got its last update on June 16, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Clovis Schmidt I

This has been a helpful tool in battling depression for me.Its a great outlet, for someone who is battling depression or other battles. To speak to someone, who is going through the same thing or who has learn to cope with situations like yours is helpful. Please...Please share this app with everyone. We must educate, everyone on mental illness. So they can be a support for those who are going through, their own personal battle.

Geovanny Gulgowski I

I didn't think I would like this app but I love it. There are groups for all different scenarios and millions of people out there who are going through the same things as you, waiting for you to relate and connect with them.

Riley Hill

i downloaded the app have going throigh a very tough time in my life. I honestly didnt think it would help to much, but hell i was suprised on my bad day wisdo helps alot just having people to talk to who have been throw similar things helps. Everyone is very helpful and non judgemental. no matter your issue someone is willing listen.

Vicente Brown

to all the African American, or black tone colors, don't get this app, they don't really care for us, they only really help their own kind if anything, well the whites and browns help each other, but they don't care for the blacks.

Cierra Kertzmann

It's full of immature people giving incorrect information about very sensitive topics. I don't want to go to a group supposedly helping with things like suicide and gender identity to be talked down to in what seems to be a public forum full of idiots. the \"helper\" I was assigned when I started never replied and other people just asked for nudes.

Damon O'Reilly

I love this app, the concept, the design and the community! it's a great way to get advice and help others through the experiences you've had. I would like to make one suggestion though: The messages/chats section is very crowded, could there be a way to separate chats with people and that's with experiences, and be able to star chats that are important? Thank you!

Prof. Cheyanne Mitchell II

this is an awesome app I would recommend for anybody who has any type of emotional, mental, it works there is support and a lot of people are there for the same reason and sometimes it's nice to know that you're not alone. having training in this field I understand that not everything that you do can be perfect in an app but this is benign as it gets and is metered well so nobody gets really offended or hurt. I have to say I am very impressed with it I would give it 10 Stars if I could

Prof. Jace Quitzon III

i would say the only bad part on Android is its been draining my battery and i dont know if its something on my end or how the app is optimized.

Matt Morar

Great app, welcoming community, communicative guides, BUT the app eats battery like crazy!! I haven't had any issues with my battery until I installed the app, tried force stopping it and putting it to sleep, the battery charged great, re-activated the app and my better is getting consumed faster than its charging, please fix this, thank you.

Chaya Koss

Awfully run app, For some reason you can get banned for sharing social media user names to new friends or even asking someone if they use social media. Yet the developers also ask you to promote this app via your social media..... what?!😂 I was made a \"helper\" on the app which basically means hundreds of people message you about suicide and when you report this nothing happens but by god if you ask some if they are on Instagram you get a message from admin in seconds... 😑