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Witches unite! Join fellow witches around the world in the fastest growing community for all things witchcraft! Get to know like-minded members and talk about your beliefs, spells and more! Witches & Witchcrafft Amino is a like forum, chat, and community all rolled into one.

- MEET other witches from around the world and make new friends
- DISCOVER new rituals, spells, and art
- GET the latest news and updates on the witch community
- SHARE your opinions and POV on current witchcraft topics
- LEARN from and CONTRIBUTE to our Witchcraft catalog - an encyclopedia of all things witches!

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Raymond Lesch

so, I offended the \" leader\" of the group because I called him egotistical and they target everything they could after that. they do not know about most of what they ask for information to do then get extremely offended if you mention it. number one rule in magick community is supposed to be love and understanding, they clearly have mislead views on what magick is. or what it's about. these are the ones who poison our collective. toxic.

Patsy Hahn Sr.

Amazing app. The ONLY problem I have with it is how many rules there are. Rules are expected but when every single one of them are \"don't do this, don't say that, don't ask for this\" it's a lot of negativity for a community that is supposed to be open and accepting of each other. with that being said, the members themselves are wonderful. just whoever made the rules made a heck of a lot of them and they are all what you CAN'T do, instead of what you CAN do.

Magdalen Kreiger

Nice community, has resources to read up on if you're interested in learning something new or seeing if theres something you dont know about something you already know about. Has chatrooms and polls to participate in, pretty nice over all :)

Julie Lesch

Great resource, I'd give five stars if I could turn off the vibrate message, asking me to give props to content I like, every single time I read a post. It's annoying and wastes battery life!

Johnpaul Brakus Jr.

I love it ....this app helped me learn how to do everyhting when it comes to wicca and witchcraft I am so happy to be part of the community on here. I have made e so many friends on here and also had chats with more experience witches I thank this app for so much

Teagan Borer

I love it I met a lot of great people and other satanists like me also I have learned a lot of new things and I have taught people what I know and dont listen to those religious nutjobs who only slander it because they fear people gaining knowledge because if your smart your harder to control and well all they demand sheep

Myrtice Wintheiser

this is the most anti pagan ruled thing I have ever seen. after reading the very odd restrictions and rules I remembered I'm not living in Nazi Germany and wish to continue being myself....

Brant Hessel

one who is willing to learn the craft,I'm a true novice love wicca spells and witchcraft would love to join a coven.!!!

Mrs. Christine Strosin

Community seems great so far. UI is clean and simple to navigate, and there's plenty of information readily available.

Mervin Larson

Nicely put together. Lots of in app purchases and objectives to complete in order to make your page your own.