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WoodieHoo Animal Friends World

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WoodieHoo Animal Friends World

WoodieHoo is a FREE educational app that gives preschool children a fun and engaging interactive learning experience in a world of adventure where stories come to life. Join Freddy, Kitty, Doody and Bonnie as they invite you to discover the picturesque island of WoodieHoo.

Designed for kids aged 2 and upwards, WoodieHoo is precisely developed for their developing needs and skills. Your children can play games at their own pace and are encouraged and stimulated to learn with fun, colourful, high quality animations and pictures. Interactive games offer a shared learning experience but also independent play that holds your child’s attention and stimulates their infant development.

The Woodies are four animal friends, who set sail together to look for happiness and adventure in a distant land. Far across the seas, they eventually found a pretty and hilly island called WoodieHoo – their new home! Explore the colourful and imaginative houses of Freddy the fox, Kitty the cat and Doody the dog and find a whole new world of games and fun.
Download WoodieHoo now and discover adventurous entertainment for everyone!

– Perfect learning companion for children, visit Freddy’s tree house for FREE
– Explore Kitty’s windmill and Doody’s lighthouse available as extension
– Engaging gameplay with four animal friends (fox, cat, dog and rabbit)
– Fun minigames and lots of animations to stimulate young minds
– Style and feel of a children’s book with colourful, high quality pictures
– Simple game play with no rules or pressure
– Entertaining fun that encourages creativity
– Kid-friendly interface with simple controls
– Ad-free and safe environment for play

The WoodieHoo app offers entertaining minigames in a bright, colourful and engaging world that can inform, educate and entertain. From pre-school onwards, children can keep discovering little hidden surprises, even when playing the same game numerous times. Whatever the weather, WoodieHoo is the perfect companion for children from kindergarten age upwards.

Plant flowers and tomatoes in their gardens, mow the lawn or let cheeky moles dig there. In Freddy's tree house, funny beetles wave at you, just waiting for you to put them on the marble run and let them roll away. Call other Woodies to come round to play and enjoy the gift they bring with them!

In Kitty's windmill, you can decorate cakes in her tinkering kitchen – with icing, whipped cream or colourful sprinkles. There is a bathroom with a huge bathtub waiting for you in Doody’s cosy lighthouse. It’s so much fun to soap Doody and to see all the soap bubbles burst. When it’s bedtime, every little house has a cute bedroom as well. With the right pair of pyjamas and teddy bear, the Woodies all have a good night and dream of what the next day may bring.

WoodieHoo is a warm-hearted kids app which encourages education and offers a fun way to explore and experience everyday situations. Developed by a team of children’s book authors, editors and programmers, the app is designed for children from age 2 upwards. Visit a high-quality interactive world with picturesque illustrations and funny ideas that will even put a smile on parents’ faces.

In our WoodieHoo apps, kids play at their own pace. Simple and engaging, there are neither points, rankings nor time or performance pressure, only fun for infants age 2 and kids of all ages With WoodieHoo, the emphasis is placed on playful discovery and the adventure of trying out new things. Best of all, from breakfast to bedtime, WoodieHoo is lots and lots of great fun for everyone!

Download WoodieHoo today for a whole new world of fun games to keep your child occupied, entertained and educated while they play.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces WoodieHoo Animal Friends World. WoodieHoo Animal Friends World is developed by RTL DISNEY Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG and it has very stable version which is 1.0.9. WoodieHoo Animal Friends World works with all the android devices if the device is Android 19 and above. We always provide you WoodieHoo Animal Friends World apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Princess Sanford

this game was so amazing and I really enjoyed the graphics it was super fun to keep going and going and going over the garden and I just really thought it was a brilliant experience. I still think that there shouldn't be any reason to have to pay for the other houses it but that's the only fault in the game it's not even a fault though because it was the game makers choice. anyway, I found it amazing and I just hope that anyone out there I was thinking about installing it really does.

Mr. Eino Bradtke PhD

Lovely game with visually pleasing artwork. Our kids aged 4 and 2 love it! I gladly paid the few extra bucks to unlock kitty treadmill and doggy lighthouse. The kids would love to see the rabbit's house too, though ❤ May we hope for some future extensions? Thanks, developers! 👍

Shyanne Connelly

Very good first impression. Have not bought the game yet because Im not sure my girls need more screen time. Seems like most negative reviews are from mentally challenged homeless people either asking it to be free or have features that only they understand. Ffs make your own game if you want and dont thrash others work.

Laurie Strosin

i don't get that people still don't understand that someone has to work on games that they are playing and those people need to earn money for their job. other than that the game is pretty fun i like the fact that every time i call a friend i have a birthday party and they bring me some presents. anyway i can't see anything entertainment for me.

Mr. Dorcas Kuvalis

this game is kinda fun but you have to pay to go to other areas and i dont want to pay, could you maybe not make us pay for going to other places? thank you.

Jammie Roob

The cake rolling table stops working again and again, under the candle topping. Food items in middle house stays in the menu. only help is to restart the app. What an annoying feature! I would never pay again!

Isadore Hermann

I think it's cute and everyone should install it and if you put everyone asleep in the game then you can like make breakfast for them in the middle of the night so they could already have breakfast and be to work already so they wouldn't be late and I give it 5 stars! Thank you.

Anita Schiller III

but I got to pay for them some games and I don't like it so get update please I'm begging you change their clothes and you need to where are the characters be free and you don't have to pay for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😒

Dr. Mikel Mante

it was very boring the bunny does not even have a house and you have to pay for most of the game i really wish you could change thier clothes also.

Talia Keeling

download too honey to the job site to know what the drawing to be a little bit later honey I'm so the kids get to see the job is very sorry I was in my heart that the only reason to know what the drawing to be a little bit before you get to know honey I'm so the kids get to see the job and I have been trying a good girl with so I can see you and the girls and it will try and get the other uuuuuuuuuu it to me so I know what I'm a good man respects you are doing great and you have the drawing to a