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WorldRemit Money Transfer

More than 4,000,000 customers use our money transfer service and many of them choose to do so on our app - a faster and more convenient way to send money worldwide. We offer low fees and guaranteed exchange rates in any case, and to get started, you can now use the code 3FREE and save the fees in your first three money transfers abroad.

Download the app now and save money and time in your international money transfer to more than 150 countries. It’s quick, simple and secure to use and in most cases your funds will be with family and friends in a matter of minutes.

Using our money transfer app, you can also send money in a choice of ways including bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile money and airtime top-up.

Our app also comes with some very useful features. For example, it enables you to track your transactions, so you’ll always know the exact status of your transfer.

Send money fast all over the world
• Using our app you can send money from 50 countries to recipients in 150 countries worldwide.
• These countries include the Philippines 🇵🇭, Kenya 🇰🇪, Nigeria 🇳🇬, Zimbabwe 🇿🇼and India
• Some of our major international partners include M-Pesa, EcoCash, MTN, Metrobank and many more

A convenient and extensive service
• Extensive network and coverage: no matter how remote your recipients are, we probably have a convenient way for them to quickly get access to the money you’ve sent
• Depending on the destination you're sending to, you can choose whether your recipient gets the money via bank transfer, collects it in cash or receives it in their mobile money account
• Identify and track where your money is at all times
• Save your recipients to your contact list so you needn’t fill in their details every time

Instant money transfers
We offer you one of the fastest ways to get your money in the hands of the person you are sending it to.
• Over 85% of mobile money transfers are paid within 10 minutes or less 🚀
• 70% transfers sent via cash pickups are instant
• Over 50% of bank deposits are paid within 10 minutes
• All airtime top-ups are instant.

Low cost transfers
• We offer guaranteed exchange rates and you can choose to get daily notifications updates
• Our low-cost fees are clearly displayed upfront
• Use the code 3FREE 🆓 to save all the fees on your first money transfers . This is just the start - every now and then we’ll run other money-saving promotions. Watch this space….

Send money with confidence
• More than 4 million customers trust us to send and receive money internationally
• Approved by the FCA and licensed by government regulators around the world
• 125,000+ 5⭐reviews from happy customers
• When your transfer is complete, you and the recipient receive an SMS or email alert
• Industry-leading technology protecting your money at all times 🔒

Need to transfer? Here’s how it works:
1. Choose the country that you want to send to
2. Confirm the transfer service - bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile money or an airtime top-up
3. Select how much you want to send
4. Add your recipient’s details
5. Choose your payment method

Download now for free and start sending money quickly and securely.

For more information, please visit:

Want to get in touch with us? Whether you have a question to ask, or a problem to solve, our Customer Service team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you at

Find out more about how to use the 3FREE promotional code visiting

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces WorldRemit Money Transfer. WorldRemit Money Transfer is developed by WorldRemit and it has very stable version which is WorldRemit Money Transfer works with all the android devices if the device is Android 19 and above. We always provide you WorldRemit Money Transfer apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Ward Kreiger

The app doesnt work. I can never login. It keeps saying thay there is something wrong please try again later. I have been trying for several days. On top of this, my money never got transferred after 4 working days and after 7 days. If you are an anxious person like me, dont use worldremit to transfer your money. Or you might have to stress out about wondering where your money went.

Bertha Batz

I have used the app for a couple of transactions but my last transfer on 10.09.2019 has been problematic and given me anxiety. I sent money via mobile money to a friend in Ghana, he has not received it yet, but the money has been deducted from my account. I have not received any message in my email as I usually do when I use their service confirming the transfer's success or otherwise. Please do something about it for me. I am loosing interest in Worldremit.

Eli Ernser

Two weeks now still money missing.I have had messages but no answers as to where my money is. I have been sent again and again and again e mails asking me to fill out a survey. I'm trying to get my money back not fill out surveys everyday. I also keep getting message to send copy of bank transaction which I sent and again for 4th time they send me mail asking for same copy. I'm now in process of seeing my solicitor and my bank to recover my money. I have incurred charges from my bank. Hmmmm

River Padberg

If I could rate this app less than a star i would. Their website refuses to allow me to log in, as you have to use the website to upload your id. They couldn't just add it to the app it seems. Contacted customer support and haven't heard back from them within a week. Low quality service, would not recommend to anyone. Use western union if you're gonna transfer money.

Justen Waelchi

Excellent app. It has one of the best safety features such as pin code to login , fingerprint and send money in minutes. I am moved to it from Western union and it definitely beats it.

Jaiden O'Kon

I had issues yesterday with guys but I eventually realized it had to do with a bigger amount of cash I'd sent. I kept on sending them messages but with no response which is unusual with them. Later on like over 7 hours funds were sent through. I reckon it probably had something to do with security concerns e.t.c. Anyway I reward you guys with all the stars. Just the same amount again this morning, they have notified me funds should get to the receiver in two hours time. Bravo!!

Myrtie Zieme

Be aware that you will need to send them a copy of your identification before your first transfer is processed. Also, be aware that many countries use surnames first and given names last. Just enter names in the order that they appear on the receiver's identification. I got this wrong the first time and the transfer had to be canceled and resent. That being said, once everything was correct the money was instantly on the other side of the globe. Fee is low and customer service is great!

Sandra Reichel

Well after using another app for so many years, my transition to WorldRemit has been very smooth, Ive sent money to Mexico a few times already and it has been great. On my first transaction I had some trouble but the operators were very helpful and were able to resolve the issue. I highly recommend this app. Update: Well after using World Remit for more than a month I can now say this is the best app to send money. Low fees and up to date messages, no hassel service, keep up the good work.

Zane Paucek

I am from Singapore. When I first signed up, I was able to use the credit card option to remit money. Money would usually reach my recipient quickly. Recently from out of the blue, this option was made unavailable for those who remit from Singapore. Now, we'd have to do a bank transfer and wait for someone at WorldRemit to approve the transaction first. According to them, this could take up to 24 hours. When you need to remit money urgently, 24 hours is not acceptable. Not happy.

Stuart Wilderman

Every time I try to make a transfer it is a pain in the butt, interac method never works(have to try many times) and I cannot do it through Google pay (it is setup already). I'll just use it as my last option. Pd. The fee is lower than other services but their exchange rate is not that fair.