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Xoom Money Transfer

Download Xoom Money Transfer apk for free.

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Xoom Money Transfer

We get it. You want to send money to friends and family around the world, quickly and conveniently. That’s why PayPal brings you Xoom.

Xoom is a fast and secure way to send money directly to banks and cash pick up locations abroad. You can even reload phones and pay utility bills in other countries right from your mobile device.

We give you the power to move your money amazingly fast.

Send money abroad fast

Send money from your phone directly to banks, cash pick up locations, and even cash delivery services around the world.

Send it again even faster

Want to send money to the same person again? After the first time, simply slide to resend in seconds -- no need to fill in their recipient information all over again.

Reload phones instantly

Add minutes instantly to prepaid phones of your friends and family in other countries.

Get text updates and access to help

Never worry about the status of your transactions with text updates and access to real human customer support in multiple languages.


Limits and fees on transactions vary based on type of transaction including transaction history, payout location, payment instrument, and delivery method.

Editor's Note

Well known Xoom Money Transfer is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Xoom Money Transfer developed and announced by Xoom, a PayPal Service. Current version of the apk file is 1.0.0 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on March 20, 2019. Also Xoom Money Transfer is very famous in Finance category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Xoom Money Transfer if your device android version is Android 10 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Ivy Macejkovic Sr.

Best app for transferring money internally I use it with PayPal. had to transfer money from US to Tijuana. account to account. flawless. same day. tried western Union first. have to wait 14 days to get my money back. western Union didn't check to see if they could deposit into my account here. Xoom does. if they can't deposit into your bank account they let you know before the transaction. xoom won't even process the transfer. western Union will. Then tell you 7days later. Not Xoom ROCKS

Heloise Predovic

Horrible liars they claimed to deliver money next day buy took them almost 6-7 days. i will never again send money with this lying false advertising company. Other company is upfront with the timeframe before sending the money unlike this corrupt company they wait until taking the money out of your account to give you the news that your delivery is expected a week later. Customer service wasn't helpful at all. had to wait a whole other week after that just for them to refund me back my money.

Dr. Elmo Hane

I used the app a few of times and they would just hold the money for any reason so I had to call every time for them to clear transactions. The 4th time i sent money they told me I could not use the service no more because they couldn't verify my account info , eventough I verified my account with ID and proof of address. Everytime they hold or cancel your transaction you have to wait for your money back for 3 or 4 days. It looked simple but they make you call waaay to much in the end.

Hilbert Paucek

Could not wait to review. DO NOT use this service for large cash ($10,000) transfers and expect speedy service. For two days now, I've gotten calls verifying information. Why can't they ask me for all the requirements at one time, therefore, expediting the transfer? All I get is \"Sorry....sorry\". Not interested in \"sorry\", just transfer my money!

Dr. David Dooley

This company is a waste of time. Do not download or get involved with them. Trying to send a friend 400 dollars was the biggest hassle I've ever had in my life. No wonder the fees are lower. So disappointed

Macey Hauck

Couldn't complete my very first transfer. \"Our system is having trouble. bla bla bla...\". It was an emergency. Even the customer service couldn't help. Extremely disappointing.

Terence Altenwerth Jr.

very bad experience i called them thrice before i made the payment in Emergency situation and asked them about cash pickup option and they said my recipient will get it right away but after my payment they stated it will take 2-3 days so i had to cancel and now money was stuck with them for 3-4 days for refund process. i had to use another website to send money and because xoom deducted the amount from my account went into overdraft.. loosing my lot of money thanks

Americo Zemlak

pls i want to ask a simple question... i made a transfer to an bank account will i be gven a pick up number? i dont understand pls what is the pick up number for?

Adell Kuhic

Made me put all those long account numbers three times because if you're in split screen mode (which lot of people are while copying account information from other places) and then go back to full screen, it starts over. What a junk, and what an unthoughtful design!! ----- Update ----- Took out another star because PayPal login is not true SSO. Why in the third world I need to still have Xoom account if I already have PayPal account and want to use that to login!!

Ryder Schowalter

se venden como servicio express y mandan a investigacion. 2 transacciones en diferentes fechas y cantidades tardando 3 a 4 dias en tener disponible el dinero en mexico , cero estrellas no sirve