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You Doodle - Draw on Photos

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You Doodle - Draw on Photos

Permissions are needed to import and export your drawings and photos, record your screen (with your permission) as well as access You Doodle clip-art over the Internet.

You Doodle is the best app on Android to create art and draw on photos and draw on pictures. Doodling on a friend, or marking up a picture or adding text has never been easier. With it's powerful text tool and simple brush tool, you can draw on photos and add text quickly and easily.

You Doodle contains the features of dozens of photo editors combined. Throw away all your other photo editors. You Doodle is all you need to draw on photos and pictures, create art, frames, use stamps and clip art, record your drawing and so much more.

Here is the full list of what You Doodle on Android can do for you:

- Draw on top of photos and pictures
- Edit photos and pictures
- Draw on blank canvas
- Many draw tools including brush, eraser, eye dropper, paint bucket, scissors, calligraphy, clone stamp, air brush, shape brush, blur, smudge, recolor, spray paint and chalk
- Record your drawing on Android Lollipop or newer (Android 5.0+)
- Add text to photos with fill, outline, glow / shadow, opacity, background and border
- Insert photos into your drawing
- Insert stamps and clip art into your drawing
- Filters and effects
- Frame / collage maker with hundreds of templates
- Import and save with ease

This is just the beginning. I plan on adding tons more stuff over time, so please watch for updates. Thank you for your support.

I'm Jeff Johnson, sole creator and coder of You Doodle and I hope you enjoy using this app. Please send me feedback through reviews or email [email protected] and I'll do my best to help.

Editor's Note

Well known You Doodle - Draw on Photos is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download You Doodle - Draw on Photos developed and announced by Digital Ruby, LLC. Current version of the apk file is 2.6.3 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Apr 19, 2017. Also You Doodle - Draw on Photos is very famous in Photography category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install You Doodle - Draw on Photos if your device android version is Android 22 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Charlotte Shanahan

It worked initially for a what I needed, which was some quick writing on a photo however, this app is difficult to understand. I opened it over a month later, and my same photo is still sitting there and I can't get rid of it. I've looked everywhere. It's the same with everything that I try to do with this app. Just keep hitting walls. I also can't find anything else useful to do with it aside from the writing thing, so unfortunately, I had to uninstall.

Prof. Carey Dibbert III

Not user friendly. Once you pick one photo, it doesnt go away, even if you try to choose a different photo to draw on, the other one stays there. There is also no easy way to get out of the photo you have selected. Wouldn't recommend this and have uninstalled it!

Nellie Koss I

Great app! ...Or at least it used to be. This was my go to for creating personal logos and making photo edits for my friends. I switched from iOS to Android and now theres a lot of features that arent available to me. What happened to the shapes option?? Whats the plan for the future?

Rosa Nader

Was coloring a picture and suddenly it's gone? 2nd time now I'm starting over because this happened. Everything is fine then randomly I lose my picture and get a white blank picture now! And both times I was half way done with what I was doing that took hours. Very frustrating. I did like the app until that happened! Grr! -_-

Llewellyn Waters

Unfair. The iPhone version doesn't have a watermark and is alot easier to use. Also, I can't paste things I copied. Please try to make this as close to the iPhone version as possible.

Dr. Lia Herzog

Terrible user interface. Ugly, not easy to get around, and just super annoying. When you draw on a picture it puts a stupid little water mark on the bottom right corner. Awful app.

Malachi Mante

I didn't really like how complex and cut off it was there weren't many colors unless I missed something plus it's more complex than ibis paint 10/10 recommend but overall I did NOT like the app but enjoy those who do

Jaime Lemke

image quality has been dropping steadily to the point that anytning i try to do comes out blurry, the color palette is bugged and always resets to black, probably a ploy to get me to pay for free version. Get it together.

Michele Kuhic

Great if you use an iphone. I started on an iPhone and then moved to android. Come to find out, iPhone is about 3 versions ahead of Android, and this app is nothing more than all the other 1 and 2 star junk apps you find. it's a shame, because the Apple version is incredible for what it is. This one you can not even draw a straight line. if you're going to release a product on both OS platforms, you would do well to make sure they both get the same product. This is poor app development.

Gerry Kris I

This is a really good photo editing/drawing app! I really like it, and most of the issues people are having can be dealt with by logic and common sense. Eg. The issue that the colour wheel always makes the colour black. I deal with this issue by not taking my finger off the colour wheel whilst pressing the ok button. Hope this helps people, but it would be great if this would be fixed. Also, when using the paintbrush tool, there is a darker outline around the circular brush. This easily dealt with using the fill tool, but this will sometimes fill other areas of similar colour. Also this app crashes sometimes, but then all apps do. Also, it would be great if you had an unlimited amount of undos, this bug has damaged some of my drawings before. But overall, this is an amazing app, I definitely recommend it.