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Youper - Emotional Health

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Youper - Emotional Health

Are you feeling anxious or stuck in a mood? Trying to calm your mind after a long day? Want to be more productive and happier? A quick conversation with Youper might be all you need.

Thousands of people are using Youper as their Emotional Health Assistant. You’ll love it too! After all, great people always have an assistant by their side. ;-D

Youper empowers you to monitor and improve your emotional health through quick conversations based on therapy techniques and mindfulness.

Created by a team of doctors, scientists, and engineers led by Dr. Jose Hamilton, Youper uses artificial intelligence to personalize various techniques to fit your needs. It incorporates strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and other science-based approaches.

Over time, your quick conversations with Youper will help you develop a new understanding about yourself, build better relationships, overcome stress, anxiety, and depression, and finally take control of your emotional health.


Have quick conversations that can change your day
Not feeling talkative? Listen to Youper guiding you through mindfulness practices
Effortlessly organize your mind and generate a beautiful journal
Understand your emotions with a beautiful mood tracker
Gain insights on anxiety, depression, and other symptoms
Take a personality test to understand yourself better
Integrate your experience with Google Fit to make self-help and self-care easy

Youper is free to download and use, and there are no ads. Free features are free forever.

Premium features are available through an optional paid subscription. If you choose to subscribe, payment will be charged to your Google Account at confirmation of purchase.

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Well known Youper - Emotional Health is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Youper - Emotional Health developed and announced by Youper, Inc. Current version of the apk file is 7.01.002 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Oct 17, 2019. Also Youper - Emotional Health is very famous in Health & Fitness category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Youper - Emotional Health if your device android version is Android 19 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Isaiah Smitham

The idea is fantastic and the health monitoring is pretty good. But every conversation with the bot goes pretty much the same. It asks me to \"detect thinking traps\" or \"clarify the situation\" then it tells me I did a good job and that it will be \"in the background\" doing whatever. The mood system is pretty great though. Also notifications only seemed to work about 5% of the time.

Dr. Jonathon Hyatt

When you first open the app, it runs you through some exercises to express how you feel, and explore your thoughts. I found that really helpful. Then every following day, you can say how you're feeling, but anything beyond that seems to be pay-only. Want to try mindfulness, or talk more about your thoughts like you did the first time? You need to subscribe to premium, which feels a bit manipulative, when I'm already not feeling great. At least tracking my mood is somewhat helpful for now.

Waylon Huel

This app seemed promising at first. A virtual coach will guide you through different activities and ask how your day is. However, the virtual coach quickly turns into a virtual sales person. All of the activities it suggests after day 1 are only available with paid subscriptions. It feels like a gut punch. Like a friendly car salesman that you think is trying to help you out, but you find out they're just another sales person...

Maverick Spinka DVM

where is the breathing exercise for panic attacks that used to be available??? I really needed that and couldn't find it. none of the others are appropriate. used to love this app and use it daily but now it annoys me with all the unnecessary dialogues when I only need a quick emotion check-in or breathing techniques available with a single touch, and not tapping through repetitive dialogues that I don't even read after a year of seeing the same texts.

Mittie Fadel

Changed my mind after reinstalling this app on my new phone about a year later, before everything was free, but now every time I want to track something and want to say what is making me feel this way it says that it is a premium only function. Uninstalling right now. I am not paying for something that is supposed to be free and for just tracking my emotions, I could also track my emotions on a cheap piece of paper instead of paying for it in this app! It makes me feel sick, very sick.

Bonnie Hickle

Amazing app. I have tried so many mood/mental health trackers and journaling apps, all have failed to keep me contributing consistetly. This one has been working so far! I was skeptical at first. It doesnt seem like it would work, since you are interacting with a computer not a person, but it really does. There are so many opportunities to enhance the app by adding different elements. Im excited to see if/ how it will evolve.

Anjali Bauch IV

I have just started using this app, but it is more structured than some therapist visits. It is also afforabable and time-efficient. I like knowing that something will check in on my emotional status and sort of let a little air out of the balloon, so to speak, for me. This is a nice way to avoid putting my emotional burdens prinarily on my partner.

Mr. Randi Wyman III

Having \"someone\" to talk to is great and the question prompts are helpful to getting you to think about how you're feeling in the moment. But when the app asks a question that you want to respond to, or offers a solution that you want to try, only to block you from them with a pay wall is a pretty terrible thing to do. \"Yes, we understand things are hard, here's something that may help you feel better....if you subscribe for a year.\"

Ms. Madaline Quitzon

Garbage app. The idea is fantastic, however you'll be midway through something that's helping you and suddenly \"this is a premium feature, subscribe to get more\". Which when you have depression or another mental health problem is pretty crappy. Here's a playstore recommended app on world mental health day, which actually just wants you to set up a profile, hook you in, then get you into a subscription. A one off payment I can understand but a subscription? £40? For CBT techniques?

Dr. Aidan Steuber

The chat system works well and it encourages reflection. The price for the subscription service is a bit too high though, which is a shame because I, like many others, would be very keen on hanging around in the long term if it was more affordable. I intend to stick around, but with the features that the free version offers, I don't imagine it will benefit me in the long term.