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Plymouth Rock’s usage based insurance app for NJ and PA

Editor's Note

Purely designed YUBI has made by Plymouth Rock Assurance. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 23 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 28MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. YUBI got its last update on Jul 18, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Jovani Hodkiewicz

Horrible app. If i couls give it a zero star i would. Does not record data properlly at all. For example said i was using my phone while driving but wasnt. Also said i was going 85 mph but was only going 40. Serious updates are needed asap

Greyson Schmitt V

My speed States that I drove 88 miles per hour which is totally incorrect I didn't even do no more than 55 if that what is going on with this app. The time starting and ending is also incorrect..Thank you for the response.....

Mrs. Odessa Hodkiewicz III

EVERYTIME I open or load the app I need to accept your terms of agreement. Every single day.

Prof. Johnathon Kunde II

they tell you not to fraud the insurance company but that's exactly what the insurance company is doing to the customers this app doesn't work you can't accurately judge how a person is driving if you're not there you can't judge a person talking on the phone when he has a Bluetooth that automatically answer the phone without touching anything like the President says this app is a fake and a fraud it is used true manipulate unsuspecting customers to pay more for insurance then you should have to

Mr. Ludwig Connelly DVM

The app is a massive battery drain, especially since it doesn't automatically record trips like it claims unless you're leaving your phone unlocked the whole drive. The scoring is ridiculous, for good scores you would need all your driving to be no traffic at midday without hitting any red lights or stop signs. If you have an early morning shift at 4am like I do. Get ready to have your work commute automatically docked 90 points in \"Time of day\" component

Dr. Laron Lesch

ABSOLUTE RUBBISH, \"scores\" are inaccurate and I question the recording of my \"driving habits.\" Is the minimal (if any) discount worth the frustration? PR sells my data for a profit, so who actually benefits? My \"scores\" are ridiculously inaccurate. Docked points for \"phone usage\" when a. I didn't use my phone at all, no calls, no text messages, NOTHING, NADA. And b. Even IF I receive a call it's through Bluetooth, handsfree, and doesn't even require me to take my hands off the wheel. Docked points for speeding even if I am driving on the highway, cruise control on, set one mile an hour BELOW the speed limit. (Yes, I tried it, recording a \"trip\" while I was driving on the parkway/no stops/no slowdown for tolls/cruise control on.) Score? 68. I \"wasn't driving smoothly,\" I \"was driving faster than the cars around me\", and docked points for phone usage.?!?! When in actuality everyone was speeding to get around me, the cruise control kept the car at a consistent 64 mph, and I never touched my phone. Trying to drive to get a good \"score\" using this app is a death wish on New Jersey roads, and it is actually more dangerous then it is worth.

Price Harber

Does not record trips in their entirety. Shuts off without warning during trips. States that cruise controlled trips are driven faster than normal even though the speed is calculated by an independent device (ie.,GPS TOMTOM) Does not automatically record trips and must be activated manually and monitored during trips (a Dangerous distraction to the driver to look away from the road to check the status of the app.)

Beverly Quigley

Seems extremely inconsistent... get high 80s and 90s in many components but gives a low score in smooth driving no matter what. That causes the overall score to plummet meaning it is very diffficult/impossible to get a good score. Problems with recording trips as well, and wth is up with the time of day rating, people usually cant control when they have to drive like during rush hours.

Oren Halvorson

This app is TERRIBLE. Let's call a spade, a spade. Not only is it incredibly glitchy and a HUGE drain on your battery, your score has NOTHING to do with your actual driving skill. It actually rewards illegal and dangerous driving. Riding on the shoulder, running through stop signs/lights and ignoring yield signs insure a higher smoothness because its impossible otherwise.

Garnett Corwin

Almost impossible to get a good score on this app. I just drove to the mall and I got a low score because i stopped and stop signs and red lights. Also only gave me a score of 80 for phone usage when I didn't use my phone at all during the trip. The algorithm on this app needs a serious adjustment.