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Zocdoc Find A Doctor & Book On Demand Appointments

Download Zocdoc Find A Doctor & Book On Demand Appointments apk for free.

Zocdoc Find A Doctor & Book On Demand Appointments apk icon

Zocdoc Find A Doctor & Book On Demand Appointments

Zocdoc is the start of a better health care journey for you. Find a doctor, book a same day appointment and search for medical professionals that match your health insurance plan. From a local dentist, to a physician, book the best doctors and get care on demand.

With Zocdoc, you can compare local doctors and book appointments that work with your schedule. Worried about whether a local dentist or physician takes your health care insurance? Use the Zocdoc health insurance checker and filter for providers who accept your health care plan. Keep track of your check ups and manage all of your doctors appointments on demand in one, user-friendly place.

5 reasons you’ll love using the award-winning Zocdoc app:

1. Find a doctor on demand and book a same day appointment.
2. Book appointments with the best local doctors based on reviews from other patients.
3. Find a doctor that matches your health insurance by scanning your health insurance card.
4. Get health care when you need it by filling out your waiting room forms online.
5. Set and receive reminders so that you never forget to book appointments.

Even if you hate the dentist, Zocdoc can help you find the best local dentist to ensure the best health care experience possible. With the Zocdoc app, find a doctor or physician on demand and book appointments online.

Take the hassle out of health care. Find a doctor according to your symptoms and discover specialists in over 50 categories. From a local dentist to primary care doctors, pediatricians, OBGYNs, family doctors, urologists, psychologists, dermatologists, and more - you’re guaranteed to find a physician that suits your needs! Book a same day appointment and get better fast.

Zocdoc makes it easy to get the right care when you need it the most.

Download Zocdoc today for all of your health care needs.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Zocdoc Find A Doctor & Book On Demand Appointments. Zocdoc Find A Doctor & Book On Demand Appointments is developed by Zocdoc, Inc. and it has very stable version which is 3.29.2. Zocdoc Find A Doctor & Book On Demand Appointments works with all the android devices if the device is Android 21 and above. We always provide you Zocdoc Find A Doctor & Book On Demand Appointments apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Stephon Gottlieb

I've never once encountered a more useless app. 3 different appointments with 3 different doctors all canceled because the times available were not at all accurate. Do not waste your time with this WORTHLESS app

Carlo Greenfelder

The app is great, easy to find doctors, read reviews and book appointments. Just make sure you call in advance to confirm your appointment and the acceptance of your insurance policy. I've also found that the integration with clinic check-in processes isn't fluid and most clinics ask you to check-in again on arrival.

Dina Schumm

this app would be extremely convenient if it allowed me to book an appointment. ive attempted setting an appointment with several doctors, setting different dates and times and the app isnt letting me book an appointment. i would call to set an appointment myself if the app wont set it, but none of the doctor's office numbers are provided. that would be helpful in case there was a bug in the app like this, or whatever issue is going on

Ernestina Flatley V

I was completely lost before downloading this app. I was on the train one day and huge posters for Zocdoc were every where so i downloaded it out of curiosity. I'm so happy i did and so is my husband. I actually go to the to find out what is wrong with me and get regular check ups and i strongly believe that without this app i would not be putting my health first the way i do now. i would like to thank who ever made this.

Camren Walsh

The Zocdoc App works flawlessly most of the time. The problem seems to be that providers can cancel appointments without notifying the patients and the patients are not allowed to post their review of the provider's lack of service because they were unable to visit them. Seems counterproductive to have the ability to give a review taken away because of poor or non-existent service - the exact thing potential patients need to know.

Jesse Monahan

The idea behind this app is a very good one. Finding a nearby doctor's office that accepted my insurance and booking an appointment was easy. However, when I called the office a couple of days before the appointment I had scheduled, the receptionist told me that the office did not have my appointment on file, and that they do not actually book appointments through Zocdoc. She said I could come in as a walk-in at the time I had tried to schedule, which I did, but I had to spend a long time in the waiting room.

Rory Hauck

this is the most horrible app ever. it doesnt work for peopel in my state getting government insurance. what a waste. maybe this app should pay for the data it took to use the app. a d to download it.

Dr. Weston Welch

This is a gamechanger! Super easy to book the appointment,no need to call and call the office at no avail 'cause they're on lunch or understaffed or put you on hold for 5 mins and then forget you're there. Sooo glad I don't have to call the office anymore.

Mr. Earnest Herman

A co worker referred me to this app months ago. Now I'm just sorry it took me so long. This app is ABSOLUTELY incredible and SUPER user friendly! Feels like my very own personal assistant!

Dr. Oren Powlowski DVM

Set up an appointment with a new primary doctor, but this app gave me false date and time of their availability. When I got to the doctor, they had me on schedule for a different date and time, I took off work early for them to tell me that the appointment showing on this app was different from what was in their system. This app is garbage and cost me half a day of work. Deleting.